Taste of Yaletown 2012 – Premiere Event

On October 17th, Eating in Vancouver & The World was invited out to the Taste of Yaletown Premiere event held at Yaletown Mini. For those not familiar with the Taste of Yaletown series, it is similar to Dine Out Vancouver but is specific to restaurants central to Yaletown.
Organized by the Yaletown Business Improvement Association, Taste of Yaletown 2012 runs from October 17th-27th with some of Yaletown’s top restaurants offering exclusive three-course tasting menus for $25, $35 and $45. For those looking to finally try that restaurant they have been eyeing for ages, this event is a great opportunity to try a little bit of everything at one of Vancouver’s hottest dining establishments.

With almost 25 participating restaurants, there truly is something for everybody. Regardless of whether you are looking for a laid back lounge for a beer or a high class sushi dinner, Yaletown boasts an impressive array of restaurants to satisfy even the most selective of diners.

For the actual event itself, invited guests were given the chance to sample menu offerings from 9 participating restaurants ie. Glowbal Grill, George Lounge, New Oxford, Hamilton Street Grill, Society, Yaletown L’Antipasto, Caché Bistro, Killjoy, and Minami. Hosted at the Yaletown Mini showroom, there was a lot of great food packed into a relatively small space.
To those that engage in the spirit of philanthropy, note that a portion of the profits from each of the 20+ participating restaurants will go to The Greater Vancouver Food Bank so this event supports a great cause, especially with winter coming to those less fortunate.
After going through the 9 station circuit, I was personally very impressed by Minami, sister restaurant of Miku and the newest addition to the Aburi organization. I have eaten at Minami several times but their tasting menu for this event is definitely very fresh and innovative. As always, their trademark aburi sushi was delicious and the highlight of the evening for many.

Looking through the pictures in this article, I must say that all the food at each of the stations was quite good. Looking at the list of restaurants, you really cannot go wrong with any selection you make. Well-known for its trendy, youthful demographic, Yaletown offers so much in terms of that memorable dining experience all in one convenient neighborhood. With just over a week left, definitely look through the list of participants and swing by for one of the set menus with some friends or family.

Glowbal Grill Steaks and Satay on Urbanspoon Minami on Urbanspoon George: Ultra Lounge & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon Society Dining Lounge on Urbanspoon The New Oxford Public House on Urbanspoon Yaletown L'Antipasto on Urbanspoon  Killjoy on Urbanspoon Hamilton Street Grill on Urbanspoon

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