DD Mau – New Banh Mi Shop In Yaletown [Review]

DD Mau — “we know how to put awesome in a baguette” — is an upscale Vietnamese sandwich shop in Yaletown. Located on Pacific Boulevard, across the street from Urban Fare and Sciue, DD Mau uses quality ingredients to make tasty bánh mì, vermicelli bowls, spring & salad rolls, Vietnamese coffee, smoothies, and lime drinks.

DD mau is Vietnamese for “go quickly” and was a popular phrase picked up by American GIs to use during the Vietnam war to tell citizens to “get outta here”, but you won’t want to leave this place! It’s not your typical sub shop because care was taken when decorating the space: Regular menu items are listed on wood framed black boards, while daily specials are hand written on a brown paper scroll, and even an old-school bicycle hangs on the wall.

DD Mau Iced Coffee ($3.50) – Espresso and sweetened condensed milk over ice (or served hot for the same price). We could certainly taste and smell the strong French roast coffee; it was delicious. We also wanted to try one of their Avocado Smoothies ($4.50) but it wasn’t available the on day we visited, so we’ll have to return.

Crispy Spring Rolls ($2.50) – Two spring rolls are severed per order, consisting of minced pork and vegetables wrapped in egg roll paper and deep fried to a golden brown. These were tasty and just like the ones our friend’s mother makes! The DD Mau crew let us try their kick-ass aoli to dip our spring rolls. It was a nice and thick consistency and packed a punch with tonnes of garlic flavour.

Eat-in or take-out, DD Mau’s bánh mì are wrapped with butcher paper.

Lemongrass Chicken ($7.00) – Grilled chicken thighs with aromatic lemon grass topped with pickled carrot and daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro, sweet chili aoli and jalapenos. This was well-flavoured and with each bite from these in-house baked 11 inch baguettes you could really taste the lemongrass lingering in your mouth.

Crispy Roasted Pork ($8.80) – This was one of two bánh mì specials of the day (the other was BBQ Duck) and contained sliced pork and crackling with picked carrot and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, and jalapenos. Again, plenty of toppings were on this very satisfying sandwich, which will please hungry carnivores.

Both sandwiches were packed with ingredients, so no skimping here. Usually bánh mì doesn’t really fill people up; it’s more of a snack, but not at DD Mau – it definitely satisfies!

The buns were awesome. Soft and had a little chew to them. The texture of the buns actually reminded us a lot of the 40 cent bánh mì baguettes we enjoyed in the streets of Nha Trang, Vietnam  last year.

Overall, DD Mau is a pretty cool joint and serves “slap your bà ngoại (grandma) good bánh mì”. Sure, they’re more expensive than other banh mi shops around Vancouver, but you do get what you pay for at DD Mau in terms of quality, portion size and friendly & helpful service. Kudos to the entire team for setting up a tasteful shop that really makes it stand out in trendy Yaletown.

FYI: This is a popular place and often sells-out of their sandwiches, so get there early!

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