Fish House in Stanley Park Tasting Event

Yesterday afternoon, Eating in Vancouver was invited to the beautiful Fish House for a special tasting event. Nestled cosily within the peaceful forests and manicured gardens of Stanley Park, this historic establishment has retained a venerable reputation for serving high quality, Pacific Northwest cuisine. By pairing magnificent panoramic views with phenomenally fresh seafood offerings, the Fish House is well-reputed as one of Vancouver’s top seafood specialty restaurants.


Open for lunch and dinner service from Monday to Sunday, the primarily seafood based menu items range in price from the affordable $15 lunch specials to the higher $30-40+ price point for dinner service entrées. Regardless of what your favourite seafood may be or how you like your food prepared, the Fish House prides itself in being a frontrunner in both quality and innovative ocean cuisine.


For this specific event, local media assembled to celebrate the welcoming of a new executive chef to the Fish House as well as the proud declaration that the restaurant is now 100% Oceanwise certified. While many other restaurants may claim to be partially Oceanwise-friendly, the Fish House is proud to be one of the first to go all in. On behalf of all of us here at Eating in Vancouver, I would like to congratulate the Fish House on this commendable achievement as well as welcome Executive Chef Curtis Demyon to his new prestigious appointment. For those interested, former Executive Chef Stephen Duyzer is still with the Fish House serving as General Manager.


To give us a taste of the Fish House menu, a few friendly servers laid out a selection of 9 sampler trays for us to try. The nine items are listed below in the order of service:


Above: Beet Fed Kusshi Oysters


Above: Haida Gwaii Halibut Ceviche & Alaskan Weathervane Seared Scallop Tartare


Above: Spot Prawn & Roasted Pork Belly Croquette


Above: Dungeness Crab Balls


Above: Avocado Spring Roll


Above: Brome Lake Duck Liver Country Toast (Left) and Goat Cheese and Mission Fig Country Toast (Right)

Through all nine samplers, one really gets a sense of how fresh the base seafood ingredients are and how the supporting elements strengthen them. For me, the Spot Prawn & Roasted Pork Belly Croquette was definitely the star of the event and I am sure many agreed. Once again, a well-deserved congratulations to the Fish House for their 100% Oceanwise commitment and for welcoming their new Executive Chef Demyon. I look forward to returning this summer to photograph a few of Chef Demyon’s best dishes.

Address: 8901 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone Number: (604) 681-7275


Twitter: @FishHouseSP

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