Hanwoori Korean Restaurant Review

Located on Imperial Street near Kingsway in Burnaby, Hanwoori is one of the top-rated Korean restaurants in the Lower Mainland. With semi-private rooms, perfect for larger tables, tasty Korean eats, and decent service, we can see why it gets top-billing.

A plethora of complimentary and refillable side dishes such as sweet glazed potatoes, pickled daikon radish, steamed broccoli, and bean sprouts.

The one essential side dish on all Korean tables is kimchi! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – or any time of day. Our students in Seoul used to eat kimchi with rice for breakfast, and loved it.

Pork bone soup above topped with scallions and the same soup below, surrounding the barbecue.

It was difficult to decide which type of meat we wanted: galbi, samgyeopsal, or bulgogi…

But in the end we opted for an order of sweet and tender cuts of Bulgogi. Consisting of thinly sliced beef marinated with soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic, pepper and topped with white button mushrooms and scallions thinly.

The best part about Korean BBQ is the experience of barbecuing your meat yourself, right at your table. Raw slices of garlic are provided to roast on the grill, or even eaten uncooked. After the cooking process, all the meat juices have mingled with the pork bone soup and you can then drink this new concoction.

Fresh, green leaf lettuce leaves are provided in a basket so you can wrap your meat up with condiments. In Korea, they often serve fragrant perilla leaves (herb that is a member of the mint family, resembling stinging nettle) as well.

Garlic slices and a side of ssamjang sauce to include in your lettuce wrap.

Our tasty wrap with a bit of kimchi added for good measure.

Filled with plenty of delectable dishes, this was only one portion of our table!

Kimchi Jiigae – Popular soup/stew-like dish with pork, tofu cubes, and onions and served in a hot stone bowl. I really wanted Kimchi Chamchi Jiigae, which is the same dish but with tuna instead, but the dish is very difficult to find in Vancouver. This jiigae was excellent. A very generous portion with plenty of spiciness but not overboard on the heat level. They also didn’t skimp on the meat!

Sikhye – Rice dessert drink served complimentary at the end of the meal. Tasting sweet and served cold, this it also contains pine nuts. It’s really quite a refreshing after dinner beverage.

Having lived in Seoul, we have a pretty good idea of what good Korean food should taste like, and Hanwoori does not disappoint. Service was actually pretty decent at this restaurant too. Our waitress was a fluent English speaker, so thankfully there was no language barrier. Call buttons are attached to all tables if you need assistance during your meal – but FYI – servers don’t always respond to them. If you’re looking for a great Korean restaurant in Burnaby, then definitely check out Hanwoori!

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