Tokyo One Sushi Review

While driving along West 10th Avenue in Point Grey, we were craving a quick bite of Japanese food for dinner. We noticed Tokyo One Sushi near Trimble Street, so we pulled over right outside the tiny restaurant.

Not having read any previous reviews on Urbanspoon or Yelp, we could only assess the establishment’s exterior before deciding whether or not to enter. We scoped out the scene and noticed that there were a few tables of customers and it looked as though they were doing plenty of take-out orders. Despite its quaint size and spartan appearance, the restaurant did indeed look promising.

We were quickly seated, presented with menus and served green tea. Right away, the restaurant seemed different – in a positive way: Genuinely warm and friendly staff. The kind of service you’d receive from a place “where everybody knows your name”. It appeared to be a family-run establishment, with dad doing the cooking and his son and daughter serving tables and managing pick-up orders. I’m only assuming these relationships because it felt so tight-knit, like an authentic at-home, neighbourhood joint type of atmosphere.

Their menu listed typical Japanese food dishes, but at very reasonable prices. Tokyo One Sushi’s prices were noticeably less expensive than some of our usual haunts, like Hitoe Sushi. After perusing the menu, Gary decided on a bento box. I had already chosen what I wanted to eat before we got inside Tokyo One. Their “house special” was advertized on the board outside, and it looked like a great deal.

First up, my hot bowl of steaming miso soup. The broth was adequately seasoned, without being too salty and had just the right amount of miso flavour. While we waited for the rest of our meal, the servers quality checked with the other tables in the restaurant. I overheard all the customers being very satisfied with their meals (as we were with ours).

Bento Box “B”
($9.95) – Beef teriyaki on rice, six pieces of California roll, mixed prawn and vegetable tempura, and a small side salad. Unlike Mazuya Sushi on Burrad, the teriyaki beef in this bento box actually looked and tasted like beef! Portions were generous, and each item in the box was really tasty. Everything appeared fresh, tempura was straight from the deep-fryer and sushi was rolled to order. House Combo ($8.95) – This popular sushi special came with miso soup and eighteen pieces of sushi, inclucing a dynamite roll, California roll, and cucumber roll. The nori wasn’t too chewy and each piece of sushi had a thin layer of rice – which I appreciated.

Overall, Tokyo One Sushi serves pretty decent sushi at very reasonably-prices, and provides exceptional service – pleasantly unexpected for a run-of-the-mill sushi joint.

Tokyo One Sushi on Urbanspoon

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