Go Fish Ocean Emporium Review

Located in False Creek, just outside of Granville Island, Go Fish Ocean Emporium is a little shack (like a food truck without wheels) with a stunning view.

Two pieces of battered cod and chips. The chips were excellent, fresh cut potoatoes cooked to a crispy perfection. Their delicious side of coleslaw had red and green cabbage, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a hint of sesame. However, the fish was quite greasy, probably not something I’d want to eat on a regular basis.

Oyster sandwich on a toasted bun with caramelized onions, sprouts, diced tomatoes, and lettuce. The bun was soft and fresh, and the oysters were juicy and not overcooked.

Service was not great – the cashier was abrupt and quite rude. Since it was so busy, we had to wait approximately 30 minutes for our order. This didn’t bother us too much since we a had a gorgeous view of Vancouver (as seen in the above photo). After the wait, she called our order, but only the fish & chips were ready. So we continued to wait patiently for our 2nd dish. After about 5 minutes, the cashier barked “what are you doing still standing here?” I informed her that we were still waiting for our oyster sandwhich. After another 5 minutes, our order finally appeared.

Overall, Go Fish offers a beautiful setting to enjoy fresh seafood, but be prepared for a long wait and unsatisfactory service.

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