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Last week, EiV was invited to a menu tasting at Burgundy Restaurant in Gastown. Situated on West Hastings between Abbot and Carrall, this European boutique-style restaurant & bar boasts a formidable menu that belies its size. With barely enough space to seat 30 or so diners at a time, Burgundy presents an interesting polarity in terms of dining experience. Stubbornly averse to labels, one would feel just as comfortable in jeans and a tee vs. a suit and tie in this dark, ’20s inspired lounge area.

Sampling several appetizers and main dishes throughout the evening, it was not difficult to characterize the menu of this unique establishment. The food is warmly sincere and undeniably hearty in both flavour and amount. While French cuisine at times can come off as pretentious, the menu at Burgundy is kept humble and accessible. Moving from dish to dish, one definitely gets a sense of casual refinement and comfort in each bite. Simply put, the food is enjoyable to eat.

Below are a few of the main dishes we were served with wine throughout the evening:


Scallops & Crab – seared scallops, rock crab salad, scalloped potatoes


Coq au Vin Blanc – chicken thigh, nugget potatoes, rosemary infused white wine, vegetables


Pork Tenderloin – stuffed tenderloin, cherries & thyme, nugget potatoes, vegetables


Beef Bourguignon – red wine, mashed potatoes, pearl onions, mushrooms, carrots & baguette


With a great menu and a truly unique dining room, Burgundy represents a niche dining experience that many locals will flock to. While the venue is very small, the dining experience is lent a sense of cozy intimacy that matches well with the type of food being served. If you have not yet added this place to your culinary bucket list, it is definitely worth a visit. Check out the full menu on their website or fire them a message on Twitter. Bon appétit!

Burgundy Restaurant
47 West Hastings St.
Tel: 604-428-4100
Website: www.burgundyvancouver.com
Twitter: @BurgundyVan
Facebook: burgundyvancouver
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