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Earlier this week, I swung by Commercial Drive to preview the latest collaboration with Chef Sid and Siddhartha’s Kitchen. Boasting a chic, modern interior and a very health conscious menu, the food at Siddhartha’s is definitely a notch or two above what you will find at most Indian restaurants in Vancouver. Although Indian food is not normally recognized for being all that healthy, Chef Sid and his kitchen staff are committed to showing diners that Indian food can look and taste great without being bad for you. By sourcing local ingredients, Ocean Wise friendly seafood and healthy oils etc. their efforts are certainly noticeable when sampling various dishes.



4-Item Dining Pass for $18 between April 14th – August 14th, 2013

A. “Aloo Tiki“, 2 crispy potatoes cakes served with a blend of Delhi, tamarind, mango sauces topped with pomegranate and cilantro

B. “Kuchumber Salad“, sample size of fresh cucumber, onion, tomato & bell peppers served with chaat masala & chef special dressing

C. “Butter Chicken“, creamy Shahi sauce infused with fenu-greek leaves, cream, tomato marinade and a hint of coconut. Tossed with boneless marinated smoked chicken; a rich and unforgettable perfection

D. “Chicken Korma“, boneless chicken pieces cooked in an exotic curry, accented with cashew nut and raisin gravy


To start the meal off, I was served two pieces of Siddhartha’s wildly popular Aloo Tiki. Visually stunning and phenomenally fragrant, these two potato cakes were wonderfully dense yet moist. The external surface of each cake was lightly breaded and nicely crisp which I really enjoyed. As an appetizer, these Aloo Tiki were surprisingly quite substantial and primed the palate nicely for the subsequent main dishes.


Although the chicken korma and butter chicken were substantively tempered in terms of heat, a serving of fresh salad was still greatly appreciated. The thick cut pieces of cucumber that made up most of the cup were generous and refreshing. Supported nicely by pieces of onion, tomato and bell peppers, this salad proved very cooling and cut the heaviness of the other dishes quite competently. The chef special dressing was a light vinaigrette at most and really allowed the salad to remain simple yet focused.


As any Indian restaurant will tell you, one of the most popular orders by hungry patrons is butter chicken on rice. Now, I normally don’t really enjoy butter chicken because I find the pieces of chicken get a bit mushy in the butter curry sauce but I really enjoy how Siddhartha’s readies their offering. By preparing the chicken separately and then adding the sauce just before service, the butter chicken still comes together nicely but the ingredients retain independent strength. The flavour of the butter chicken is the same but the chicken meat is noticeably firm, maintaing its structural integrity quite easily due to the short duration it is allowed to rest in the curry.


To wrap the meal up, I gratefully dug into the tender chicken korma. Similar to the butter chicken, the pieces of chicken were moist and flavourful yet strong. Personally, I dislike chicken curry where the meat is almost breaking apart which is why I appreciated this korma. Alternating between the two curries with spoonfuls of rice, I got very full quite quickly. I found both the butter chicken and chicken korma to be very clean and light which made both so easy to eat. Although I was at this preview alone, this package could easily feed two adults if another dish is ordered. Overall, this is a very strong selection of dishes to sample if you are new to Siddhartha’s or looking for good Indian food in general. For regular customers that are familiar with the menu, this still serves as a great base or foundation to build a meal from by adding other more adventurous dishes.

If you enjoyed the photos and review, definitely check out the Siddhartha’s Kitchen video above to learn more about this pass. If you have heard enough and just want to eat, the ‘#SIDDSATION’ pass is currently on sale so head over to to buy your pass today!

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