Ocean Wise Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant Media Launch

On November 28th, Eating in Vancouver & the World joined local media in celebrating Ocean Wise’s first Chinese restaurant partner: the original Szechuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant on West Broadway.

With November quickly coming to an end, it was a great event to be a part of especially as November is Ocean Wise month. As seafood is a big part of Chinese cuisine and Vancouver boasts an impressive number of Chinese restaurants, it is encouraging to see a movement like Ocean Wise making headway into this very traditional culinary community.

As part of the event, Executive Chef Robert Wong put together a special tasting menu for invitees.

Oyster Shooters – cocktail citrus lemon juice with hint of fagara spice
Sablefish in Chilli Sauce – fried fillet in minced yellow onion in chilli sauce
Spicy Rock Salt Calamari – deep fried calamari with rock salt and pepper
Emperor Style Szechuan Prawns – spicy prawns with hot chilli lantern peppers
Mussels in Szechuan Bouillabaisse – simmered in Szechuan soup broth with leeks and bean sprouts
Hand-made Peony Pastry w/ Lotus Paste – hand-made fluffy pastry designed as a flower

The assembled media also got to hear from representatives of Ocean Wise and Chef Wong himself about the on-boarding process and why becoming Ocean Wise certified is so important. The main take home message was that we should try our best to support Ocean Wise partners by being informed consumers. By supporting restaurants and businesses that follow sustainable practices, we can encourage others to join the movement.

Something I found interesting is that from an operational/business standpoint, the actual transition to Ocean Wise recommended standards does not come with a significant increase in cost. Hopefully with Szechuan Chongqing now on board, more and more Chinese restaurants in Vancouver will start adopting sustainable food practices.

A big thank you to the Mission Hill Family Estate for their ongoing support of the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program and for generously providing a selection of wine for the event.

As stated at the end of our Ocean Wise ORU article earlier this month, if you are interested in learning more about sustainable seafood, please visit Ocean Wise’s website as it is a great resource for information.

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