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Iki Japanese Restaurant Review

Yes, we seem to eat a lot of Japanese food in Vancouver.  I guess that’s what happens when this beautiful city offers a sushi restaurant on almost every corner! Approaching the end of my cleanse (no sugar, no salt, no dairy, etc.) last week, I thought Japanese would be a healthy choice for dinner. How […]

Guu Thurlow Review

Guu is a Japanese Tapas restaurant with a few locations around Vancouver, and one in Toronto. We visited the original Guu on Thurlow (just south of Robson Street). Let me start off by saying this place is lively and LOUD! The kind of noise that actually hurts your ears. I’ve been to Tokyo, but I […]

Toyo Sushi Restaurant Review

Toyo Sushi is located on Cambie Street near West 6th Avenue, in the Fairview area of Vancouver. It is technically a Japanese style restaurant, but also serves a variety of Korean dishes such as bibimbap, hae-dup bap and kimchi. The restaurant also masquerades as a sports bar, as there are always regulars gathered round their […]

Shiro Japanese Restaurant Review

Shiro is a little gem amongst a plethora of sushi restaurants in Vancouver. It’s located on Cambie Street, in the Fairview area of Vancouver. We arrived right at 5:00pm on a Thursday night (yes we occasionally eat at seniors times) and by 5:10pm the restaurant was full. Seemed like there were a lot of regular […]

Temaki Sushi Review

We live really close to Temaki Sushi and have always heard great reviews about the Japanese restaurant. “Best Sushi in Vancouver” is a title thrown around a lot in conversation, so we thought we’d better check it out!  Walking past the sushi joint on a regular basis, we noticed that it’s often busy – always […]

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