The Bakehouse (North Vancouver) Review – Cinnamon Bun French Toast!

Since we thoroughly enjoyed our experience at The Bakehouse Dundarave in West Vancouver, we thought it would be appropriate to try its sister location, The Bakehouse in North Vancouver.

Located in Edgemont Village, the cafe was a little difficult to find, since it’s actually located on Newmarket Drive and West Queens Road. The restaurant is hidden by trees and bushes, and I presume it’s the kind of place that doesn’t want tourists, and seems to prefer its local clientele who already know where it’s located.

The The place is packed with young families and children, and has been described as “eating inside a gingerbread house”, and others have even called it “hobbit-like”. Everything’s really tiny inside, tables are close together, and ceilings are very low. They have old tennis balls on the feet of their chairs to prevent scratching of their floors. Since it was the weekend, we were able to order off their delectable weekend brunch menu. While we waited for our brunch to arrive, we savored our coffee ($2.75) and relaxed in the cozy, casual atmosphere.

The Farmhouse ($11.95) – Two eggs any style ($1.00 extra for free-range eggs), ham (or turkey sausage), roasted potatoes, grilled tomato, served with a muffin bite and mulitgrain toast. Their freshly baked house-made bread and savory muffins were outstandingly tasty. Roasted potatoes (underneath the toast) were nicely baked. Gary enjoyed this dish more than the similar farmhouse at The Bakehouse in Dundarave.

Cinnamon Bun French Toast ($9.95) – Made from scratch, freshly baked cinnamon bun, egg-dipped, fried to perfection, topped with cinnamon caramelized apples, and fresh whipped cream. This dish is only served on weekends for brunch. But wow, was it ever decadent! Their cinnamon buns are already sweet and filling, but then turned into French toast, smothered with more sweetness from the apples and whipped cream, and you’ve got one incredibly rich breakfast! I was in a food-coma for the remainder of the day after devouring this masterpiece. But it was delicious, and worth the sluggish feeling in the aftermath.

I enjoyed the ambiance more at The Bakehouse Dundarave since it’s a larger, brighter restaurant, with higher ceilings. Although this location is a little cramped, the food and prices are comparable to Dundarave. If you want fresh, house-made food with a home-cooked feel, you’ll want to check out the small and cozy The Bakehouse in North Vancouver.

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