Paul’s Place Omelettery Review

Paul’s Place Omelettery is, as you would expect, famous for their omelettes. The restaurant always seems to receive great reviews on food blogs, Urbanspoon, Yelp – and even the Lonely Planet ranked it #17 out of 600 things to do in Vancouver. With such high accolades, we decided to check out Paul’s.

With its green awning and unassuming exterior, Paul’s Place Omelettery appears as though it’s a fairly small cafe. However, when we stepped inside, we discovered the restaurant is actually quite large and rather cozy. This family-friendly diner offers lots of comfy banquette seating, and has a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

Luckily for us, it was a weekday afternoon, so we didn’t have to wait inline. (Apparently there are queues out the door on weekends). We were promptly seated at a spacious banquette table, and were warmly greeted by our waitress while she poured water into wine glasses. Our tea ($2.25) and coffee ($2.25) were both served quickly, and our waitress ensured to keep my pretty decent cup of bottomless joe topped-up.

I was craving pancakes…you know, the thick and fluffy delicious kind I enjoyed here. Since this was an all-day breakfast joint, I ordered two pancakes, two fried eggs, and crispy bacon ($8.95). My pancakes were served with regular pancake syrup (real maple syrup was available for an extra charge) and was is in a squeeze bottle for easy pouring. Instead of thick and fluffy pancakes, mine tasted bland, were thin, and had an unappealing rubbery + gummy texture. Although the pancakes were very large, I was still disappointed. My eggs were cooked to my liking, although clearly not free-range (or free-run, or Born 3, or some other type of higher quality egg I’d expect from such an establishment), since their yolks were a very pale yellow color. The bacon was crispy enough. However, the taste and quality of my meal were nothing to rave about, so I find the restaurant’s amazing reviews quite puzzling. (Check out some breakfast joints we love here).

As you can see from the above photo, Gary ordered a toasted turkey sandwich with french fries. The chips were great, his sandwich was tasty, but again the meal was nothing extraordinary. Paul’s Place Omelettery’s appeal appears to be that it offers all-day breakfast, which I can appreciate. However, perhaps I should have ordered an omelette?

Paul's Place Omelettery on Urbanspoon

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