Faubourg Bistro Review – Parisian Brunch In Kerrisdale

Located in the heart of Kerrisdale is the delightful Faubourg Boulangerie. The front section of Faubourg is its bakery/coffee shop, while at the back you’ll find its lovely bistro. A light and airy high-ceilinged space, decked in hardwood floors, marble-topped tables and fanciful chairs imported from France, Faubourg’s bistro offers table service and seating from morning to evening to delight Vancouver’s gourmands.

Our little two-year-old niece loves going for “coffee” at Faubourg so she frequents the Parisian patisserie almost every weekend with her parents. She especially loves watching the pastry chefs in action (the kitchen has a large viewing window at the rear of the establishment).

All seven of us came for Saturday brunch a few weeks ago and dined in the beautiful Faubourg bistro. We all ordered various espresso drinks, mine being a regular American pictured below. Faubourg offers fine coffee from the award-winning Musetti roasters:

Since 1934, three generations of the Musetti family have been roasting extremely high-quality coffee beans in Piacenza, Italy. The beans are roasted strictly according to the Italian tradition – slow-roasting for optimum flavor and using the highest grade of beans available from over 23 countries worldwide.

A couple of baskets of assorted bread and butter were presented on our table while we perused the brunch menu. (Note: Their brunch menu is only offered on the weekends. Weekdays offer smaller breakfast and lunch menus). Faubourg breads are baked using traditional French recipes born from culinary wisdom passed down through generations, and Faubourg focuses on three pillars of quality:

Authenticity: Faubourg’s baguettes are baked according to tradition and following the official standard of a baguette as originally established by Parisian bakers.  All of our products are additive-free and preservative-free and baked using the freshest ingredients of the finest quality.

Freshness: Our bread is baked throughout the day, ensuring the freshest bread for all our customers.  Rather than a single daily baking, our bread is baked five times daily, at 8:00,10:00,11:00, 14:00 and 17:00. For added authenticity, our bread is baked in a five-deck oven specially imported from France – the only one of its kind in Canada.

Unique flavor: In keeping with tradition, Faubourg uses the autolyse process, a process in dough-making which allows the flour to soften, creating improved texture in the baked bread. Meanwhile, our levain, specially created for our use, produces the rich aroma associated with the finest breads.

Here are a few of the highlights from the varieties of bread we sampled: The rosemary infused apricot and hazelnut bread was a shiny, amber crust loaf, with a soft, smooth, slightly moist center. The multi-seed bread had a rich, slightly sweet texture and contained poppy, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds. The tasty walnut and fig bread contained sweet dried figs (dried, but are not dried out) that were marinated for a few hours with spices to bring its heavenly flavour.

Omelet ($12.95) – Choice of three fillings: spinach, mushrooms, smoked salmon, red/green peppers, onion, tomato, ham, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, feta cheese (additional filling add $1). Served with hash browns. Toast was also served on the side with each omelet dish and included tiny jars of made-in-France jam.

Brioche Scramble Egg & Smoked Salmon ($12.95) – Scramble eggs with smoked salmon, sprinkled with chives and served in a freshly baked Parisian brioche. Their brioche Parisienne is made of a soft, crumbly yeast dough, enriched with eggs, butter, milk, flour and sugar, shaped into two balls of dough baked one on top of the other. The result it the cutest little baked good you have ever seen! A baby spinach and fresh tomato salad was served on the side.

Eggs Benedict ($12.95) – A classic eggs benedict with ham and creamy hollandaise sauce, resting on a light and flaky croissant. (Their croissant dough is yeast-risen, for superior flavor). The dish was served with hash browns that were roasted red new potatoes.

Tartine La Vilette ($13.95) – An open-faced sandwich containing home roasted beef on a slice of bread with marinated mushrooms, baked cherry tomatoes and artichoke puree.

Vichyssoise ($12.95) – A traditional thick soup made of pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. Traditional vichyssoise is usually served cold, however, this dish was served hot with crispy bacon, a soft poached egg, chives and croutons.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals at Faubourg, and Gary and I have even returned a few times since this particular visit. Faubourg is the perfect spot for weekend brunch in its bistro, a leisurely afternoon sipping espresso in the coffee shop, or just to pop-in and grab a baguette. Check it out!

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