Broken Yolk Review – Gaslamp (San Diego, CA)


Have you ever watched the TV show Man v. Food? You should, it’s awesome – and the host, Adam Richman, is such a likeable, funny guy. (Incidentally, we visited another of Adam’s stops – The Crab Pot in Seattle). Anyway, he visited this location and took their Broken Yolk Café Special “for the iron man or woman” challenge. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s a dozen-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, onions, American cheese and smothered with chili and more cheese. On the other half of a 15-inch pizza pan is a generous pile of homefries and two biscuits. The special is free if you eat it all within an hour (or $24.99). Winners go down in history on their Hall of Fame Plaque, just like Adam!

Although it should be expected since we were in the good ole US of A, but it always surprises me when I’m served a gargantuan soda. As a comparison, this water glass is a pretty large size to begin with, but just look at the size of the coke cup next to it! And yes, they offered free refills.

French Dip ($9.19) – Sliced beef piled high on a French roll. Served with aux-jus and crinkle cut French fries. This was a solid meal with a generous portion of meat, a soft, fresh roll, and extra crispy fries.

Cobb Salad ($9.99) – Crisp salad greens with turkey, bacon, avocado, green onions, hard boiled egg, tomato and crumbled blue cheese. Considering my love for breakfast items, it’s surprising I didn’t order French toast or an omelet. However, it was a really hot day in San Diego, so I wanted something cool and refreshing and that’s exactly what I received with this salad. Can you tell from the photo how gigantic this salad was? It was the size of a large serving platter. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it all, but did thoroughly enjoy my salad meal.

If you love huge portions and classic American food, then you’ll love the Broken Yolk Cafe. They have five locations in California – check ’em out!

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