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Cora is a Canadian chain of casual breakfast/brunch/lunch restaurants that began as a snack bar in Montreal, Quebec in the ’80s. Until 2008, the chain was known as Chez Cora in the province of Quebec, and Cora Breakfast and Lunch elsewhere in Canada. Currently, this Montreal chain has more than 50 franchises in Quebec and 121 across Canada! So how is it that Eating in Vancouver has never been chez Cora before? Cora only recently made its way to the Lower Mainland, with one location in Coquitlam that opened last year. Although Cora has been on our radar for a while now, we seldom find ourselves in that neck of the woods because it’s quite the jaunt from our place. However, last week we did happen to be in the Tri-Cities and remembered to hit up Cora for some (large) petit dejeuner!

What sets Cora apart from other chain breakfast restaurants is their FRUIT! Mounds of fresh fruit are centre stage on most of Cora’s menu items and massive portion sizes keep customers coming back for more.

Eggs Benedict ($12.25) – This huge dish included two medium poached eggs and ham on an English muffin covered with Hollandaise sauce and served with roasted potatoes and plenty of fresh fruit (half a banana, half an apple, half an orange, half a kiwi, a large slice of cantaloupe, chuck of pineapple, couple of strawberries!). We would suggest requesting Hollandaise on the side because there was too much on mine and I had to scrape a lot of it off my eggs.

1990s Harvest ($11.95) – A large cinnamon-raisin brioche bun, sliced in half, dipped in French toast batter, topped with a fried egg and bacon on one side and a mountain of freshly cut fruit on the other half. Fruit was presented differently on this dish as all the fruit was cut into bite-size pieces, even the grapes were sliced in half. The brioche bun was very dense and quite dry (borderline stale). However, the bacon was nice and extra crispy. Although all the fruit was ripe, some tasted fresher than others.

Coffee was decent and service was quick. When we paid at the till, our server kindly offered us a taste of Cora’s homemade fudge, which was delicious. If you want to consume the recommended daily intake of fresh fruit in one sitting, then Cora Breakfast and Lunch is the place to go!
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