New Blue Dragon Health Conscious Asian Offerings

Coming to Western Canadian woks this season is a new line of Asian stir-fry mixes, cooking sauces and pastes that deliver innovative and authentic Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Japanese flavours to your table. Meeting the demands of busy Canadians who prioritize healthy eating and enjoy flavourful dishes but have little time to prepare them, Blue Dragon’s new cooking products allow you to shake up your routine with inspired meals ready in as little as five minutes. Just add your choice of fresh vegetables and meats to the ready-to-serve sauces and you’re done!

Unlike other popular Asian food brands, Blue Dragon uses only the highest quality natural and authentic ingredients with little to no additives. Remarkably, each sauce, seasoning, and paste is made with basics that can be found in your kitchen pantry — you can actually pronounce the ingredients. Blue Dragon just acts as your sous-chef and does the prep work for you!

The line is entirely free of MSG and the sodium levels are also much lower than those found in competing brands. Now you can quickly recreate at home, some of the wonderful dishes you have experienced at your favourite Asian restaurant, be it Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai or Japanese.

The line comprises a variety of Asian cooking staples like coconut milk, fish sauce, sesame oil, and nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce), as well as ten definitive stir-fry pouches (like Japanese Wasabi & Plum and Thai Chilli Coconut ), cooking sauces (such as a Singapore inspired mild curry flavour), and tasty curry pastes. Blue Dragon’s red and green curry pastes are perfect for the more adventurous scratch cook looking to easily recreate classic Thai curry dishes, in mild or hot versions. Follow the preparation suggestions on the product labels or experiment with different sauce, meat and vegetable combinations to make your own signature creations. Here are a couple of the tasty dishes you can make with Blue Dragon sauces:

Chicken Chow Mein With Vegetables (as seen above) is created with one jar of Blue Dragon Chow Mein Cooking Sauce – a Chinese style sauce with soy sauce and Chinese five spice.

Thai Beef Red Curry, pictured above, is created with one quarter of a jar of Blue Dragon Thai Red Curry Paste – a balance of fragrant Thai flavours including spicy red chillies, galangal and aromatic lemongrass. Blue Dragon sauces retail for $1.99 for stir-fry pouches, $3.99 for the cooking sauces, and $4.99 for the curry pastes and are available at RCSS West, Walmart, Country Grocers and Fairway Markets.

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