unPhogettable Review (Mesa, Arizona)

unPhogettable is a family-run Vietnamese restaurant located in the Mekong Plaza (a South East Asian indoor retail mall) on Dobson Road in Mesa, AZ. (The same family also runs a sister restaurant, Pho 78 in Virginia Beach, Virginia). The Mesa location has two convenient entrances, so you can either enter unPhogettable right outside the Mekong Supermarket or from its exterior door fronting the parking lot.

Opened in 2008, unPhogettable has been a top-rated establishment for many reasons. Its popularity is primarily due to its friendly and helpful service, large portions of tasty Vietnamese dishes without MSG, and the fact that it’s an exceptionally clean restaurant. This local favorite is probably the cleanest Vietnamese restaurant we’ve even seen!

Orange slices were served in our ice water which was a nice touch. We also ordered a few beverages #64. Soda Chanh ($2.95) – Club soda with fresh squeezed lime juice over ice, this is a standard drink served at most Vietnamese restaurants and this particular one was delicious. #62. Ca Phe Suaa Da/Nong ($2.95) – French vanilla percolated coffee with sweetened condensed milk, poured over ice. Apart from the caffeine and sugar, there’s something about Vietnamese coffee, specifically, that is so incredibly addicting!

#1. Pho Dac Biet Bo Vien ($8.50) – This dish contained lean rare steak, well-done flank, marble brisket, tendon, tripe & beef meatballs. They cook their pho broth for 48 hours, assuring all the flavors come together. Therefore, you’d assume the broth would be very strong, but the broth was actually quite mild, making it suitable for a first-time pho eater. This light pho was similar to Pho Tan on Main Street in Vancouver.
unPhogettable’s pho is served as per usual with bean sprouts, basil leaves, jalapeno peppers, and wedges of lime. But the spicy pho is also presented with purple cabbage on the side, adding some lovely color to the broth. All of the toppings were noticeably fresh and they certainly didn’t’ skimp on the portions.

S1. Bun Bo Hue ($8.75) – Central Region spicy beef based noodle soup with flank, brisket & pork hock and rice noodles. This broth did indeed have an excellent heat level intensity with subtle, fragrant flavors of lemongrass.

#30. Bun Bo Nuong Cha Gio ($8.75) – Vermicelli noodle bowl with a generous portion of seasoned grilled sliced beef and a crispy egg roll, topped with ground peanuts and pickled veggies. This satisfying dish consisted of a lot of food so you won’t leave hungry from this pho joint.

After our meal, the owner came over to see how we enjoyed our dinner. We told him we were happy with our experience and commented on the cleanliness of his restaurant. He explained that the staff strive to keep unPhogettable as clean and tidy as possible and even clean the condiment holders twice per day – which literally sparkled! We’re so used to all the Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver which lean towards the dirty side of the spectrum, so this unforgettable restaurant was certainly unexpected!

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