Pho Ao Sen Vietnamese Eatery Review (Mesa, Arizona)

Located in Mesa on West Baseline near Dobson Road, Pho Ao Sen, a modern Vietnamese Eatery that embraces the authenticity of traditional Vietnamese cuisine while adopting the new age of contemporary flair. Its relaxed, modern ambiance and friendly staff set the tone for a pleasant dining experience.

Similar to another Vietnamese restaurant we visited in Mesa, unPhoghettable, Pho Ao Sen was also very clean.

Café Sua Da ($3) – Delicious Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Exceptionally strong and considerably sweet, this was literally “crack” in a glass!

Goi Cuon – Spring Rolls ($4.25) – Two rolls, each cut in half and filled with poached pork, jumbo shrimp, lettuce, mint, bean sprouts, and rice vermicelli rolled in thin rice paper wrap. Served with their house concoction of hoisin sauce, plum, and peanut dipping sauce. These were very tasty and certainly fresh.

Bun Thit Nuong Tom Cha Gio ($8.75) – A savory combination of marinated charbroiled pork, seasoned tiger shrimp, and vermicelli served over bed of shredded lettuce, cucumber, mint, and bean sprouts, topped with sprinkles of roasted crushed peanuts, oil-wilted scallion, fried red onion, and house fish vinaigrette. Served with an egg roll, this was a generous portion size and also contained very fresh ingredients.

Banh Tam Bi – Rice Vermicelli with Coconut Milk Concoction ($5.50) – A savory combination of thick rice vermicelli, shredded pork with pork skin, steamed bean sprouts, cucumber, and fresh basil dressed with coconut milk and light lime fish vinaigrette. Drizzled with oil-wilted scallions and aromatic basil as well as fried red onion. A delicious dish that reminded us of our favorite coconut & udon noodle dish at Saigon Night in Victoria, BC.

Overall, Pho Ao Sen is a casual yet sophisticated Vietnamese restaurant perfect for those days when you’re craving a refreshing iced-coffee or a satisfying vermicelli bowl. If you’re in the Valley of the Sun, then you should definitely check this place out!

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