Dragon Ball Tea House Review – Best Bubble Tea In Vancouver!

Dragon Ball Tea House offers the best bubble tea in the city. Why? There are a number of reasons: Firstly, their tapioca pearls are the freshest “bubbles” you’ll experience. Their pearls are always slightly lukewarm, making them a little softer than the hard plasticy balls you get at other inferior bubble tea joints. And having been pre-soaked in honey, they retain a lovely sweetness – a bonus since some pearls at other places have completely zero taste, so you feel like you’re chewing on balls of nothingness.

Dragon Ball’s probably most famous for their real fruit beverages, and their slush drinks are also uber popular. I adore their fresh mango slush, and fresh watermelon juice, as they’re both consistently fresh and delicious. Also, their real ice cream milkshakes are thick, decadent delights. Dragon Ball uses real milk, instead of Carnation powder or Coffee-Mate. But for those who enjoy the regular powdered flavours, they offer those as well.

You can customize your drink to whatever you heart desires – slush/no slush, milk/no milk, pearls/no pearls, or slush with milk, or milk with fruit, or just fruit, ice cream, or just tea, etc., etc. – the possibilities are endless! Additionally, customers can request varying sweetness levels. I usually order my drinks half-sweet, since all their beverages tend to gravitate towards the sweeter side of the scale.

People who despise bubble tea will LOVE Dragon Ball because they can enjoy a variety of tasty slushies, milkshakes, and hot or cold tea/coffee, without any added floaties like pearls, grass jelly, or coconut jelly. Dragon Ball Tea House is consistent and reliable, you always know exactly what you’re gonna get!

Fresh Fruit Lychee Slush ($4.00) no milk, with pearls ($0.50)

Hot Black Sesame Milk Tea ($4.00)


  • Stamp-cards have been eliminated, darn.
  • Since it’s always a busy place, call ahead to pre-order your drinks.
  • There are only two parking spots in the alley behind Dragon Ball – they will tow your car if you park in undesignated areas.
  • Small place with limited seating, best to order take-out.

Dragon Ball Tea House on Urbanspoon

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