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Bo Laksa King’s Bubbles And Bits Review

During our recent epic trip to Asia (HK, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), a substantial duration of time was devoted to eating in the city-state of Singapore (the ultimate foodie nirvana, if you ask me). On numerous occasions, we gorged Anthony Bourdain-style, on delectable dishes such as nasi goreng, beef rendang, laksa, satay, and roti […]

Seri Malaysia Review

Go there now! Don’t even bother reading this post, especially if you love Malaysian food 😉 Really though, it’s that good. It was a one-man show last night. Jamal (I believe he is the owner) was the only one cooking, taking orders, answering phones, busing tables, etc. This made the experience that much more incredible […]

Hawker’s Delight Review

I love hawker food in South East Asia – it’s cheap, quick and delicious! The same can be said for Hawker’s Delight on Main Street in Vancouver.  It’s a little Singapore/Malaysian ‘hole in the wall’ offering tasty delights. Traditional hawker stands (street-food) in S.E.A. are either outdoor stalls or indoor food courts offering yummy food […]

Bo Laksa King Review

We just returned from lunch at Bo Laksa King which was a perfect way to spice up this wet and dreary afternoon.  Bo Laksa King is a tiny restaurant inside Joyce-Way Food Market (4910 Joyce St. & Wellington), in East Vancouver. It’s run by Bo and his wife Tiffany, who are a warm and friendly […]

Fresh Bowl Review

I had a craving for South East Asian food, as I often do after living there for 2 years when I was younger.  We were driving along Pacific Boulevard, heading to the downtown Costco and I noticed “Fresh Bowl – South East Asian”.  Perfect, I thought, we can try it for lunch after stocking up […]

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