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Plaisir Sucré Review

Plaisir Sucré is a little French cafe and bakery located on the pleasant Arbutus & West 10th Avenue area of Kitsilano. French owner and baker extraordinaire, Fabrice Roché, is always there to greet his customers with welcoming exuberance. The cafe offers daily fresh-baked French pastries – like delectable croissants, pain au chocolat, and brioche. Other […]

Siegel’s Bagels Kitsilano Review

Last week, Gary and I headed to Siegel’s Bagels (Cornwall & Cypress) to pick up some bagels to enjoy with the heavenly smoked salmon we had just bought from Whole Foods. Really, what goes better with smoked salmon than bagels with cream cheese! Montreal style bagels are smaller, denser and a tad sweeter than a […]

Evelyn’s Cafe and Grill Review: Cheap All Day Breakfast

Are you looking for some cheap all day breakfast spots in Kitsilano? There are a few tiny cafes and diners around that offer cheap breakfast. One of them is Evelyn’s Cafe and Grill, off the 2200 block of West Broadway. We pass by Evelyn’s all the time, but never had a chance to try it […]

Refuel Restaurant Kitsilano Review

Refuel Restaurant & Bar is located on 4th Ave and Cypress, in Kitsilano. Refuel serves casual Northwest cuisine and encourages diners to relax, have fun and enjoy simple, honest food. We had been trying to dine here for ages, and finally got around to it the other day. Refuel’s kitchen is at the front of […]

Healthy Noodle House Review

Healthy Noodle House is located on 4th Avenue (corner of Stephens) in Kitsilano. The little restaurant offers healthy ‘no MSG’ noodle soup made fresh to order. You can customize your dish however you like: noodles, veggies, tofu, wontons, chicken, dumplings, prawns etc. They even have homemade hotsauce on every table – use sparingly, as it […]

White Spot Drive In Kitsilano Review

The drive-in restaurant was popularized in the babyboomers’ heyday. During my lifetime, I’ve only been to a handful of drive-ins. The other day, I was under-the-weather but extra famished. I didn’t feel like going out to a restaurant, but wanted to get out of the house. Gary suggested White Spot’s Drive In. Perfect, I thought, […]

The Regal Beagle Review

The Regal Beagle Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Kitsilano (Broadway & Vine), has been recently renovated and newly menued. It’s a cozy pub with great atmosphere. I dig the pics of musicians on the walls – doesn’t Bob Marley make everyone happy?! I met a friend from Victoria there last Thursday night for dinner, drinks […]

Trattoria Italian Kitchen Review

We dined at Trattoria about a month ago, (yes it has taking us a while to post!) with a few friends & family members after a very intimate marriage ceremony of our close friends.  The bride and groom wanted to have dinner after their beautiful ceremony to celebrate at a restaurant nearby.  We suggested Trattoria, […]

Dae Bak Bon Ga Restaurant Review

Korean BBQ always brings me right back to our year living in Seoul: A haze of barbecue smoke filled the air in restaurants and Ajummas responded “neeeehh” when customers rang the service buzzer.  These were often the sights and sounds of our daily dining adventures. Three years later, and I will occasionally have the urge […]

Iki Japanese Restaurant Review

Yes, we seem to eat a lot of Japanese food in Vancouver.  I guess that’s what happens when this beautiful city offers a sushi restaurant on almost every corner! Approaching the end of my cleanse (no sugar, no salt, no dairy, etc.) last week, I thought Japanese would be a healthy choice for dinner. How […]

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