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Tomahawk Restaurant Review

Located on Philip Avenue in North Vancouver, Tomahawk restaurant has been serving tasty meals since 1926 – making it one of the oldest family-run eateries in Canada. The restaurant is famous for its legendary Yukon Style Bacon and Eggs: This is it. The one that started the legend! Five generous slices of Yukon-style bacon. Two […]

Ultimate Burger Review – Hawaii’s Best Burger Restaurant

Located in the same complex, Kona Commons, as Panda Express and Taco Del Mar, Ultimate Burger is a welcomed departure from the typical American chain restaurants in Kona, Hawaii. Ultimate Burger–Hawaii’s Best Burger Restaurant–is a local hamburger joint serving fresh, Hawaii-grown ingredients. Executive Chef, Windy Gerardi, created Ultimate Burger’s simple menu that is made from […]

StackHouse Burger Bar Review – Gourmet Burgers In Vancouver

Located in the GED – Granville Entertainment District – StackHouse Burger Bar is a stylish hamburger hub offering gourmet burgers in an alluringly casual-sleek environment. StackHouse has a great vibe and is the kind of place you want to hang out all night in. The decor is reminiscent of Meat and Bread and there’s good reason: […]

Romer’s Burger Bar Kitsilano Review

Romer’s Burger Bar is the creation of California-born Executive Chef Jim Romer. Chef Romer focuses on the three “R”s: Real. Respect. FalvouR. He feels it’s important to eat real food; the kind that comes from farmers, as well as locally sourced products containing ingredients you can pronounce. He believes in living and working in a […]

Harvey’s (Terminal Avenue) Review

This Harvey’s is actually located inside the Home Depot on Terminal Avenue in Vancouver. A cute and tiny fast food joint, it offers limited seating, so it’s best to order your burgers to go, like we did. I’m convinced this is the first Harvey’s I’ve ever been to. Perhaps I had a Harvey’s burger when […]

Cactus Club Cafe Review (Broadway & Ash)

Yes, Cactus Club is a chain restaurant, but it is one of the best chains in the city. They’re blessed with having Canada’s only Iron Chef Rob Feenie as their Food Concept Architect. If you ever had the pleasure of dining at Lumiere or Feenie’s when they were open, you’re aware of the kind of […]

Spitfire Bar & Grill Review (Sidney, BC)

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Spitfire Bar & Grill is a great casual restaurant anytime of the day. Located beside the Victoria International Airport, on Vancouver Island, this grill is especially fantastic for families with kids who will be memorized watching the planes taking off and landing. We stopped by Spitfire for dinner on […]

In-N-Out Burger Review (Chandler, Arizona)

Why is In-N-Out so popular in Arizona? The reason is they keep their menu simple: No salads or fish or chicken products like other fast food joints, just burgers prepared to order, fries and beverages. In-N-Out is famous for its “Secret Menu”, unadvertised variations on its burgers that are based on customer preferences, such as […]

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