IHOP Restaurant Richmond Review

Who loves breakfast? I absolutely love my breakfast! Especially when it’s at a good, consistent restaurant. That’s the secret to making serious money in the food industry. Cook consistent, delicious food and people will keep coming back because they know what they’re getting.

One breakfast joint that seems to have figured out this complex model is IHOP, also known as the International House of Pancakes. The great thing about IHOP is that they always have specials that include pancakes, crepes, or French toast drizzled in berry sauce and whip cream. Might not be the healthiest choice, but really satisfying when you’re craving breakfast on a Sunday

Pictured below is our breakfast at the Richmond IHOP location, on St. Edwards Drive off Highway 99. The best part about IHOP are the coffee carafes that stay on your table. Service is usually efficient and it’s pretty much no frills. People come here to eat and go. It’s a great spot that also serves some really good lunch as well.

Here are some basic pictures of IHOP (I love their hashbrowns!):

photo photo 2

International House of Pancakes (St. Edwards) on Urbanspoon

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