HK BBQ Master Richmond Review

HK BBQ Master is located in the same hectic complex as Superstore on No. 3 Road, in Richmond. We’ve been a lot in the past four years and continue returning because the restaurant offers consistently delicious barbecue! It’s really some of the best, perhaps even the best BBQ in the city.

Specialties include Chinese-style Crispy Roast Pork, Barbecued Duck, Honey Barbecued Pork, Soya Sauce Chicken, and Free Range Chicken. You can order pork by the pound, and either a half or whole chicken/duck. They also offer meals ranging from $5.99 to $9.50, consisting of either one, two, or three kinds of meat on their additively scrumptious oily/soya rice.

HK BBQ Master is always busy, so be prepared to wait in line for take-out orders and for a table if you choose to dine-in.

Gary ordered a double dose of pork, “cause pork fat rules”: 2 Kinds on Rice: BBQ Pork + Roasted Pork ($7.50) – Two types of succulent pork, char siu and siu youk. The former is surrounded by a sweet honey glaze, and the latter has extra crispy pork skin with alternating layers of meat and melt-in-your-mouth fat. Excellent sized portions are always served, so we never feel like they’re skimping us in the meat department.

2 Kinds on Rice: BBQ Pork + Soya Sauce Chicken ($7.50) –  I love sweet meat, especially BBQ Master’s candy-like and extra tender pork. Their juicy and delectable roasted chicken is smothered in green onion and gingery oily goodness. The soy sauce and oil mixture that they douse on the rice is equally as heavenly. I’m pretty sure they add crack to both 😉 Watch out, their food is highly addictive.

Tips: CLOSED on Wednesdays. Similar to many restaurants in Richmond, this one is CASH ONLY.

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