Danny’s Market Review – Danny’s Screamers!


Ahhhh, sippin slushies on a hot summer’s day. We used to frequent Chevron near UVic during our university years because they had the best slurpees in town – better than 7-11. Chevron’s slushies weren’t as sickingly sweet, and they usually offered more flavour varities, like multiple Nestea flavours. When I’m craving a slushy in Vancouver, we usually hit up Dragon Ball for real fruit varieties, but a friend mentioned trying Danny’s Market for something different.

Located on Francis & Garden City Road in Richmond, Danny’s Market has convenient store offerings along with select hot food items. They also provide a stellar all-you-can-eat fast food menu, including baguette sandwiches, garlic twisty bread, pizza, pizza pockets, hot dogs & a screamer for $10.99! But we came for one thing only: Danny’s Screamers. Who doesn’t love vanilla soft served ice cream, and who doesn’t love a variety of slushy flavours? So why not put them together to create a creamy-icy masterpiece! That’s exactly what Danny’s Market has perfected for years now.

These “soul refreshers” are the “best drink on earth” according to Danny’s loyal customers. They really are an impressive, yet simple beverage/dessert. We ordered one Coke screamer (tasty like a Coke-float), and one orange crush screamer (think delicious creamsicle), both $3.35 each. Wow, were these puppies ever filling! Do NOT consume on a full stomach. Danny’s Market is the only place on the lower mainland that that I know of where you can enjoy these icy treats. Have you had screamers at any other places around the city? Let us know in the comments below.

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