Steamworks Brew Pub Event

On Sept 20th, Eating in Vancouver & the World headed out to Gastown to join seemingly half the city to celebrate the launch of Steamwork’s bottled beers at the aptly named Uber Pub. To locals and tourists alike, Steamworks has been a prominent fixture of the Gastown dining scene for over 17 years. With the room packed and the beer flowing freely, things definitely got quite lively during the course of the 2 hour event.

To go along with the various beers was a pretty tasty assortment of savory and sweet treats. A quick rundown of everything that was offered to guests in the circuit type, station based rotation:

a) Pale Ale w/ BBQ Pork Belly Bao Buns
b) Wheat Ale w/ Gruyere Fritters
c) Pilsner w/ West Coast Steamer Pot (potato, corn, mussels, prawns & crab)
d) Heroica Oatmeal Stout w/ Oysters and Pearls
e) Frambozen w/ Mini ice cream cones
f) Pumpkin Ale w/ Pumpkin Steam Clouds (frozen pumpkin ale infused fresh whipped cream)

Highlights of the night were the Heroica stout w/ fresh oyster pairing and the Frambozen infused ice cream. I was pretty surprised at how innovative the food pairings turned out to be, as there was one or two I never even knew were possible! Overall a great and fun event with LOTS of beer and some great food. Congrats to Steamworks on their launch and all the best in the coming future, cheers!

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