Whet Kitchen, Bar & Patio – VANEATS.ca ‘WHETurAppetite’ Dining Pass [PREVIEW]

Granville Island is a very popular area in Vancouver for both locals and tourists alike. Full of fun things to do and great places to eat, you can easily spend an entire day there with very little effort. Earlier this month, Eating in Vancouver & the World found out that the great team behind VANEATS.ca would be teaming up with Whet Kitchen, Bar & Patio for the newest VANEats dining pass. Swinging by Granville Island on Tuesday night, I previewed the new package aptly named ‘WHETurAppetite’.


4-Item Dining Pass for $30 from October 17th, 2012 – January 17th, 2013

A. “Prawn, Shrimp, & Wild Mushrooms Salad“, pan seared prawns and wild local mushrooms, hand peeled shrimp, arugula, grapefruit, taro root crisps, lemon-hazelnut vinaigrette

B. “Coconut Scallop Ceviche“, hand peeled shrimp, citrus juices, ginger, jalapeño, corn chips, tobiko & ikura

C. Choice of the following:

“Crispy Duck Leg“, Confit of Fraser Valley duck leg, sweet chill ginger sauce, yam & plantain chips, sesame seeds, grilled plums


“Red Honey-Curry Coho“, wild BC Coho, saffron yoghurt, hot pickled lime puree, candied almonds, cinnamon market vegetable

D. “2 Sleeves of Angry Scotch Ale“, Russell Brewing Company’s strong, dark ale with dominant malt accent that originated in Edinburgh. Made with Scottish specialty malts including Peated Malt imparting a slight smoky character to the beer.

After sitting down and placing my order, the first item to arrive was a full sleeve of scotch ale. Please note that although the photo shows one glass, you actually get two with this package. I personally requested they only serve me a single sleeve as I am a very light drinker. Anyway, the dark ale was very strong and I could definitely taste that dominant malt accent. Slightly sweet with a great hint of smokiness, this is a truly beautiful beer. Even though I am not a regular beer drinker, I really enjoyed nursing this sleeve throughout the evening.

The first food item to arrive was the Coconut Scallop Ceviche. Beautifully plated, this was the first of two appetizers for the package. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish and found it very refreshing. The hand peeled shrimp were quite abundant and the citrus juices provided that sharp punch accent which I liked. For two people, this dish might prove a bit difficult to share but for one, it was perfect. The corn chips were perfectly salted and served as the ideal base for the ceviche.

The second item to arrive was the Prawn, Shrimp and Wild Mushroom Salad. Local salad lovers will definitely love this dish as it is so fundamentally West Coast. The shrimp were plump and well seared and definitely provided the primary substance to the entire dish. I also really enjoyed the wild local mushrooms which paired well with the prawn and shrimp. Although the portion may not look that impressive, the actual dish is more than adequate for one person.

For the main entree of the package, you get two options: a crispy duck leg or a red honey-curry coho. Both dishes looked fantastic but as a meat lover, I could not pass up the duck. The actual meat turned out to be very moist and flavorful. The skin was not crispy but the sweet ginger sauce definitely came through and lent a bit of that famous West Coast fusion profile. Overall, the dish was a whirlwind of flavours but still remained relatively cohesive. I sampled a bit of the other entree however and have to confess that both are strong in their own way. Regardless of which variation you select, the meal will still be fairly representative of the culinary vision behind Whet.

A few closing thoughts, this $30 package is ideal for those that have never been to Whet and are looking to sample the menu. Truthfully, this package alone is not enough for two adults to share. I am not a big eater but I managed to finish this package by myself and was only partially full. If you are thinking of purchasing this pass for two, definitely plan to purchase another entree as the salad and ceviche are portioned more for 1 person than 2. That said, I was happy with the meal and appreciated my first visit to Whet. For those that love West Coast cuisine, I am fairly confident you will enjoy this dining package.

If you enjoyed the photos and review, definitely check out the VANEATS.ca Whet Kitchen, Bar & Patio video above to learn more about this pass. If you have read enough and just want to eat, the ‘WHETurAppetite‘ pass is currently on sale so head over to VANEATS.ca to buy your pass today!
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