Organic Lives Review: Raw Organic Vegan Food in Vancouver

Are you looking for tasty and nutritious raw organic vegan food in Vancouver, BC? Look no further: Organic Lives on Quebec Street & West 2nd Avenue in Vancouver.

The company has been open for almost two years and was founded by owner Preet Marwaha. Organic Lives is a restaurant, shop (organic food, kitchen equipment, books & dvds), and offers workshops.

I had never heard of Organic Lives until a couple days ago when the positively uplifting Vancouverite/musician/vegan/dog-lover Bif Naked tweeted about the health conscious company:

Recently returning home from a month in South East Asia, and drinking young coconut water almost every day, we wanted to continue consuming our healthy beverage of choice. So we decided to check Organic Lives for some lunch and coconut water.

We were kindly greeted upon arrival, seated at a table and offered menus. Service was prompt, friendly and informative. Owner Preet was there making sure everyone was enjoying their meals, and we definitely were.

Raw Organic Young Thai Coconut Water 345 ml ($5). Tasted just like what we sipped the beaches of Thailand.

Live Smoothie ($7) with orange and fresh coconut milk. Not too sweet, but extra refreshing.

“Carrot Avocado Velouté” ($5) – a rich and creamy living soup of carrots, avocado and crème de coco. A deliciously filling soup. Since it’s raw, the soup is served cold like a gazpacho.

Small Garden Salad ($6) – with tomatoes, beets, cauliflower, carrots, baby greens, cucumber, sprouts green onion, red bell peppers. Choice of three dressings: sun-dried tomato-basil, ginger-garlic or cilantro lime. I felt like I was getting healthier just looking at this glorious salad!

“Tapas Platter” ($14) – a great combo of crackers & breads with hummus, olive tapenade, nut spread trio, and mushrooms stuffed with sprouted Hunza walnut pate. Each bite was packed with incredible flavour.

Their chocolate torte called “The Ridiculous” ($7) looked and sounded so good I just had to order a slice to go. The ridiculous torte is made with raw chocolate, a coconut crust and sweeten with maple syrup. Oh heavens was it incredible: silky, smooth, not too sweet, with a hint of coconut. Wow.

For more information, check out Organic Lives’ website. Go there now, your body will thank you 🙂

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