Falafel Plus Kosher Restaurant Review

Lately we’ve been on a bit of a Middle Eastern food holiday, eating nothing but shawarma and falafels. Today we’re going to review Falafel Plus, a Kosher joint in the Cambie big box area. It was previously located in Fairview off Broadway.

Specializing in Some of the Best Organic Falafels!

Falafel Plus is a Kosher restaurant that specializes in making some of the best organic falafels outside of Israel. Let me be very clear: I am a ‘meatatarian’ and love eating my meat. I enjoy falafels, but I don’t love them. However, after dining at Falafel Plus with my wife, that has all changed.

Falafel Plus is not very large inside. It’s a small joint that has about 3-4 tables. The menu is Kosher and all vegetarian. It’s simple yet extensive to include breakfast and coffee. The place specializes in catering as well. We both opted for “Crispy Organic Falafel Plate” for $7.65 ($6.65 for the wrap). The owner, Simon, made everything to order, including deep frying his organic falafels right there!

That’s right folks, four fresh falafels served piping hot out of the deep fryer topped with tahini. It doesn’t get better than that! Included in our plate was hummus, two warm and soft pitas, marinated eggplant, babaganush, tuna salad (sorta random, but I love my protein), cabbage salad, some pickles, and a small green salad.

The falafels were absolutely INCREDIBLE. I’m talking crunchy and crispy on the outside, yet still soft and moist on the inside. I have never had a falafel like this before–I think I’m now a fan. On top of this, the fresh falafel plate made for an awesome light lunch, yet I was plenty full afterwards. On top of that, it was reasonably priced too!

Was it Worth It? Yes.

Falafel Plus, hands down so far has the best tasting organic falafels in Vancouver. If you know of a better place, please let me know and prove me wrong. The owner was super friendly, and even showed me the deep fryer when I asked. I will be back.

You can find Falafel Plus located on West 8th next to the Wendy’s parking lot (BTW, DO NOT park in the Wendy’s lot and walk away as you’ll get a ticket!). It’s a small shop so you might miss it. Get there now, as hot organic falafels are waiting for you! My mouth is seriously watering!

446-428 8th Ave W
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1N9

(604) 677-3985

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