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I LOVE Mexican food, especially fresh salsa & chips, and hearty guacamole.  Seeing as it is rather difficult to discover good Mexican food here in Vancouver (are we just too far away from the border?), we thought we’d give Don’s a shot. Don Guacamole’s (great name!) is located on Robson & Jervis street in downtown Vancouver. They have a small patio out front that I can see being a great place to sip margaritas in the summer.

I appreciate the complimentary chips & salsas. The flavors and capsaicin levels were all quite mild, but the salsa fresca AKA pico de gallo was my favorite. Our server was kind enough to provide us with seconds.

Nachos Nortenos – Tortilla chips with Mexican chorizo, refried beans, monterrey cheese, red sauce, freshly made guacamole sauce, and jalapenos. This was a ginormous portion of nachos. With a name like Don Guacamole’s, I was expecting an amazing, rich, thick and chunky guac – except what they served was a thin and liquidy green “guacamole sauce“.

Quesadilla – A flour tortilla with your choice of chicken, grilled steak, arrachera or Mexican chorizo, onions and cilantro. Although it was a quesadilla, it didn’t contain any cheese. I felt this lack of a moist binding agent made the dish quite dry, and rather bland. The “guacamole sauce” didn’t help much. I had to add lot of the complimentary salsas to moisten it up.

Burritos – Choice of red, green or mole sauce with either chicken, grilled steak, arrachera or Mexican chorizo. Our friend ordered this burrito with chicken and mole sauce. This was a really thick, huge portion, served with ample rice on the side. He enjoyed it, but didn’t think his dish was anything to rave about.

Tacos – Four soft corn tortillas with diced white onions and chopped cilantro. Served with your choice of a variety of meat. We ordered one Carnitas (slow braised pork, seasoned with “chef’s ingredients”); one Arrachera (flank steak marinated with “authentic sauces”); one Cordero (fresh lamb, slow cooked with “unique Mexican ingredients”); and one Chorizo (finely chopped pork seasoned in herbs). The carnitas was definitely the best meat out of the bunch – it was juicy and tender.

Service was a tad slow and nonchalant, but nothing terrible. Overall, the flavors were slightly lacking, but the portion sizes of the nachos and burritos were quite large. Hey Don Guacamole, where’s da real guac?!

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