White Spot Drive In Kitsilano Review

The drive-in restaurant was popularized in the babyboomers’ heyday. During my lifetime, I’ve only been to a handful of drive-ins.

The other day, I was under-the-weather but extra famished. I didn’t feel like going out to a restaurant, but wanted to get out of the house. Gary suggested White Spot’s Drive In. Perfect, I thought, I don’t even need to leave the car!

The food was actually really good. For some reason, it tasted better than meals I’ve had dining inside their restaurant at this location. Our chicken burger & fries, and chicken strips & yam fries came out of the White Spot kitchen piping hot, fresh and delicious.

Vintage looking White Spot drive-in – we took the photo on Gary’s iPhone 4, using the ‘Instagram’ App. Fun app by the way, if you’re into photography.

Although not on rollerskates, our female carhop easily balanced the long, narrow tray and slid it into the sides of our car doors. I was a tad concerned that I would spill my ice-tea, but luckily it didn’t.

My yam fries were amazing – not too oily, cooked perfectly and extra hot. My chicken fingers were extra crispy and fresh out of the deep fryer. I like hot they served us real utensils and glasses, it made it feel a little more special than just receiving a regular take-out order. Gary’s chicken burger and fries with special sauce on the side was also excellent.

The only downside was a few pesky and aggressive seagulls begging for food – watch out 😉

Well portioned food, fresh, hot, and tasty – what more could you want from a drive-in?

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