The Summer with McDonald’s McRib Sandwich

Every year there’s a certain ‘special treat’ that emerges from McDonald’s, pleasing the much-anticipated pork-loving fast food crowd–the almighty McRib. Yes, that saucy pork patty smothered in fresh onions in a soft bun will definitely fill you up, if you’re into this sort of thing.

McDonald’s Canada sent us a few coupons to try out the McRib, along with a snazzy t-shirt to complete the experience. I rarely eat McDonald’s anymore, but I gave the McRib a try to see what it was all about.

Upon opening the McRib from the box you will be overwhelmed by the intense smell of the tangy BBQ sauce that is smothering the McRib patty. There are onions and pickles to go with the sandwich, and it’s literally impossible to eat the McRib without making a mess. The bun was soft, and the patty was pretty tasty although it exhibited lots of mysterious fatty bits. Let’s just say you’ll enjoy this thing if you’re hungry.

On one of my second attempts to try this sandwich (the things I’ll do for food), the bun I received was burnt which was disappointing. The taste was the same, except for the burnt bun. All in all, the McRib is a decent sandwich if you love fast food as it does the job of filling you right up. You might feel sick afterwards, but isn’t that the whole part of these culinary guilty pleasures, right? Any McRib aficionados out there?

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