Sun Sushi Review – Great Sushi Deal In Point Grey

We were heading to Pacific Spirit Park near UBC for a hike on the glorious long weekend, and wanted a quick bite to eat. We noticed Sun Sushi restaurant on West 10th, and decided to check it out because their sign outside read “Sushi Special: 18 pieces + miso soup for $5.95”. Wow, sounded cheap! Unsure of what to expect from this Japanese restaurant, as we had not read any previous reviews, we took our chances and ordered their sushi special.

The restaurant only had a few tables of twos occupied at the front. However, this did not discourage us since it was mid afternoon and a gorgeous sunny day, so we wouldn’t expect the place to be packed.

Sushi Special ($5.95) – Along with Miso Soup, the deal included 18 pieces of sushi: six piece California Roll, six piece Yam Roll, and six piece Tuna Roll. The miso soup was a fair sized portion, and an interesting note was that the broth contained a few chunks of imitation crab meat, which I’d never experienced that before. Considering the inexpensive price, this sushi was pretty decent. The rice wasn’t hard and undercooked, nor was it soft and mushy – it was perfect. Yams were roasted so their natural sugars were caramelized, and tuna appeared fresh. The California rolls had whole chunks of imitation crab, tiny batons of cucumber, creamy avocado pieces, a few dollops of mayo, and topped with sprinkles of white and black sesame seeds. Overall, it was pretty good cheap sushi!

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