Kingyo Izakaya – ‘#SimplyKingyo’ Dining Pass [PREVIEW]


4-Course Dining Pass for $22 between November 1st – December 6th, 2012

A. “Tomato Kimchi Tofu Salad“, kimchi marinated tomatoes on organic greens with tofu and ginger. Served with sesame soy dressing.

B. “Tuna Tataki“, lightly seared tuna tataki with ponzu & ponzu jelly

C. “Stone Grilled Kobe Beef“, stone grilled marinated kobe beef with Kingyo’s original 2 kinds of special sauce.

D. “Clam Ramen“, ramen noodles in original soy based clam soup with shrimp oil, garlic onion oil & fish powder.

To kick my late lunch off, I started with the Tomato Kimchi Tofu Salad. Even on a crisp autumnal day, this salad was still appreciatively refreshing. The actual kimchi flavour from the tomatoes is skillfully tempered so not to negatively dominate the palette. In a subtle, almost dilute fashion, the kimchi base flavour simply underscores the fresh organic greens with a light, spicy/sour profile that just works. On a cursory review, the cubes of tofu may seem out of place but after soaking up a bit of the kimchi flavour, they are quite delicious.

Served on the same beautiful Japanese plateware, the next dish was Tuna Tataki. I have had this offering at a few Japanese restaurants around Vancouver but must confess that few prepare it with the exact precision of Kingyo. The exact cuts of sashimi grade tuna are perfectly sized in both height and width. Beautifully simplistic, the actual dish is accented by the tart sharpness of the citric ponzu but otherwise left to secularly shine. With only the border edges gently seared, the phenomenal freshness and quality of the raw fish is not lost. There are no negatives to this dish other than you will want another order immediately after.

The third dish was arguably the most visually impressive of the meal in the form of Stone Grilled Kobe Beef. Not only was this meat dish visually enticing but it was also a lot of fun to prepare! The round stone is heated to a remarkable level and retained its heat for a good 10+ minutes. Cooking the tender cuts of beef at all angles of the stone, I was able to control the optimal rarity of the meat to my exact liking. The two accompanying special sauces were equally strong and deterministic in defining the end flavour of each bite. Overall, a dish I enjoyed immensely and would sincerely order again.

The fourth and final dish of the package is a bowl of Clam Ramen. To all that eventually purchase this dining pass, I urge you to take a moment and savour the exquisite aroma of this dish before consuming it. The broth is clear but exceedingly aromatic with the open clams in clear presentation. I rarely go to izakayas for ramen but Kingyo really does take great pains to offer a truly high level of the beloved noodle. The long strands were cooked perfectly, slightly chewy but soft and still structurally integral. Although the bowl is not that large, this is a wonderful seafood ramen to warm you up on a cold day.

If you enjoyed the photos and review, definitely check out the Kingyo video above to learn more about this pass. If you have read enough and just want to eat, the ‘#SimplyKingyo‘ pass is currently on sale so head over to to buy your pass todayKingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon

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