Broadway Seafood & Sushi Review

Broadway Seafood & Sushi is a little hole-in-the-wall sushi joint on the corner of West Broadway & Stephens (right next to Starbucks) in Kitsilano. Not the best place to dine-in as this casual Japanese restaurant is cramped and the decor is is nothing special; not surprisingly, this restaurant does a lot of take-out orders. It’s a popular neighbourhood sushi spot because it serves decent sushi at reasonable prices. They provide a large menu of mostly different combinations of rolls with slight variations.

Broadway Seafood & Sushi boasts a claim to fame: Canada’s environmental pioneer and fellow Vancouverite, David Suzuki, eats here! One of the reasons David is a frequent customer, I’m assuming, is because Broadway Seafood & Sushi serves fresh wild salmon. I believe it. Look at the vibrant, bright red colour of the salmon sashimi in the photo on the right. It’s certainly not farmed salmon. Also, the restaurant encourages that you bring your own containers for take-out orders, to save waste. It’s another feature of the restaurant that I’m sure David enthusiastically supports.

Comparatively inexpensive, the sushi rolls are a perfect bite-size pieces. The food won’t blow you away, but it is decent for what you receive. Also, service is speedy and friendly. Overall, Broadway Seafood & Sushi serves fresh and cheap sushi and sashimi – what more could you ask for in a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint!

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