Harvest: Helmed By Former Bishop’s And Raincity Grill Chef

Harvest Community Foods is a boutique eatery & store born out of the project This Space at 243 Union. Since opening in the spring, Harvest has flourished into a bustling community hub nestled in the vibrant Chinatown/Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver.

At the helm of Harvest Community Foods is Andrea Carlson, a talented chef with an extensive background in cuisine, local foods, and sustainable sourcing. She was the former Executive Chef at Bishop’s, and Chef de Cuisine at Raincity Grill–where she created the first ever restaurant menu in Vancouver based on the 100-mile diet.

Chef Carlson provides a flavourful menu at Harvest, and as the seasons change, so will the innovative touches on the dishes. In speaking to the culture of the neighbourhood, Andrea has integrated Asian influences to the Harvest repertoire – dishes such as steam buns, Japanese ramen, and Vietnamese sandwiches but with an strong emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients.

Carlson also ensures Harvest’s grocery section is stocked with a selection of fresh and quality food items, including popular Vancouver treats such as Gourmands Macarons and Earnest Ice Cream (both pictured below). She aims to buy from passionate farmers and dedicated producers who are nearby and follow sustainable practices.

As a celebrated chef and local sourcing champion, Andrea Carlson has lead Harvest into an important role model as a small community-­oriented business.

Take a look at the delightful Harvest through the creative eye of Joann Pai:

Harvest Community Foods is located at 243 Union Street and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 6PM. Harvest Community Foods on Urbanspoon

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