Meat and Bread Review: Epic Sandwiches in Gastown

Vegetarians, you could bypass this review but you’re included. Carnivores, listen carefully. Late last year, a new sandwich joint opened up in Gastown. Appropriately titled, Meat & Bread serves some freshly roasted meat on bread.

The premise of this eatery is simple: get some bread–add meat to it. Their menu is limited to six sandwiches plus a daily special. This maintains high standards for quality and consistency, plus freshness of ingredients. Available sides include Beef Barley soup and Chickpea salad. Dessert, which I will try next time includes a Bacon Maple Ice Cream Sandwich (omg).

On entering Meat & Bread for the first time, we were immediately greeted by their staff that directed us on how to order a sandwich. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. There’s communal bench seating down the centre of the room. Also, with the open kitchen everything was very clean and spotless.

Upon laying my eyes on their signature Porchetta ($8), I had made up my mind. Who can resist fatty pork and crispy skin? All sandwiches are served with fresh baked ciabatta buns from Swiss Bakery. As we made our order, a nice dollop of French mustard was served on paper-lined wooden cutting boards. It’s a shame we didn’t have time to eat in and ordered our sandwiches to go.

The famed Porchetta (a baked rolled pork stuffed with layers of meat, fat, and skin) was the hero of the day. Each serving comes with a generous slice of their daily roasted Porchetta, sliced then chopped and added to your sandwich. The best part is the addition of the crispy pork rind, a guilty treat your heart won’t like but your tastebuds will. It was topped with some salsa verde to balance flavours of juicy, fatty pork.

If you love pork, you must try the Porchetta. Their pork is from North Vancouver’s Two Rivers Specialty Meats. Local, grain-fed, and free range pork tastes…amazing. As you can see from the pic below, pork was falling out of the sandwich.

Taya opted for the Meatball served with gremolata, an herb condiment of lemon zest, garlic, parsley, and olive oil. Topped with thin slices of grana padano, an Italian semi-fat hard cheese, it was well worth the $7. The meatballs were cooked perfectly, and seasoned well. The meatballs were well-sized and the combination of flavours worked well with the fresh ciabatta buns.

The operation at Meat & Bread is very professional and efficient. They were quick to make sandwiches and to move customers politely down the line. Although some may find the prices steep for the size of the sandwich, just remember you’re getting fresh made, quality ingredients. If you want cheap, go to Subway. However, if you’re a sandwich lover (and carnivore), make sure you add Meat & Bread to your bucket list. Quality and delicious ingredients for a fair price–you can’t beat that.

Meat & Bread is located on 370 Cambie Street and West Hastings, across from Victory Square. Have you tried their sandwiches? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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