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When it comes to dining out in Vancouver, I like to refer to the overall culinary scene as a gastronomic ecosystem. Regardless of who you are or what you like to eat, there will always be something for you. For me personally, my favourite restaurants tend to be those unique, one-of-a-kind establishments like Ajisai in Kerrisdale. That said, there are many locals that are most comfortable eating out at big chain restaurants and Vancouver definitely has this dining category covered in spades.


Late last month, I swung by Joey Broadway in Fairview for a quick lunch. As I live close by, I often meet with clients in the lounge area for drinks but have never actually eaten a full meal at this location. For those familiar with big chain restaurants, the Joey food menu will seem very familiar and comfortable. The appetizer and entrée selections are quite good and priced comparably to other popular chains i.e. Cactus Club, Earl’s etc.


AHI TUNA TACOS ($12) – seared rare, toasted sesame, ginger coleslaw, wasabi aioli

For my appetizer, I decided to go with the popular Ahi Tuna Tacos. For $12, you get four moderately sized tacos stuffed with coleslaw and topped with a small piece of ahi tuna. Overall, I enjoyed this light appetizer as it proved crisp and refreshing. The wasabi aioli did not really add anything for me but the ahi tuna was nicely seared but kept rare and went nicely with the ginger coleslaw.


SASHIMI TUNA SALAD ($17.50) – seared rare ahi, mixed greens, mango, peanuts, avocado & cilantro mint lime dressing

As I was not really in the mood for a heavy main dish, I decided to go with the Sashimi Tuna Salad for $17.50. At almost $18, this is definitely not a cheap salad but the quality ingredients demand an elevated price point. The salad is highlighted by 6 pieces of rare sashimi grade tuna served alongside a cilantro mint lime sauce. The salad was quite impressive visually and was topped with a large piece of fresh cut avocado.

After tax and gratuity, my appetizer and salad came to almost $35. Now, for the average diner, this will undoubtedly seem a bit steep for a light lunch. That said, the food is safe and consistent while the overall venue is stylish and comfortable. For those that enjoy big chain dining, Joey is as good an option as any in our city.

Joey | 1424 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC | (604) 732-5639 |  Joey Broadway on Urbanspoon

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