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Back in March, Eating in Vancouver published a visually stunning editorial on the MOSAIC Bar & Grille at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. If you happened to miss the article, you can find it here. Suffice it to say, the dinner service was sublime and our write-up was a sincere reflection of our thoughts. About three weeks after our dinner experience, we were invited back during the day to preview a few items from the lunch menu. As we were now well-oriented to MOSAIC at night, we were eager to experience what MOSAIC had to offer during the day.


Looking briefly through the lunch menu, the entire selection can be divided up into four major categories: Tasters, Entrée Greens, Sandwiches and Plates. At hand to walk us through the lunch experience was Executive Chef Thomas Heinrich. After giving it some thought, Chef Thomas decided to present a total of 6 dishes for us to try. Spread equally across 2 salads, 2 sandwiches and 2 plates, we were afforded a very representative sampling of what MOSAIC offers to diners during lunch service.


To start the tasting off, I was served a very large Cobb Salad made up of grilled chicken, smoked bacon, avocado, blue cheese, tomato and a hard-boiled egg in a light lemon-dijon vinaigrette. Let me start off by saying the portioning of this salad was quite substantial. For many, including myself, salad is usually a formality or precursor to the ‘main’ dish but this salad stands alone brilliantly on its own. All the ingredients are very simple and fresh but come together in a healthy, satisfying serving. For those with larger appetites, the diced grilled chicken and bacon definitely lend that needed substance to the dish which is populated generously with rich supporting elements like blue cheese and egg. This salad can easily be shared by two adults if ordered with another main.


If the more traditional salads like the Cobb or Caesar are too conservative for you, I am pleased to recommend the Albacore Tuna Niçoise Salad. Comprised of Ocean Wise Albacore tuna, baby greens, olives, haricot vert, tomatoes, diced potato, shallots and a hard-boiled egg in a thyme vinaigrette, this salad is very different from the previous offering. The thick cut slices of tuna were seared perfectly but raw tender and remarkably fresh. Served alongside hearty elements like diced potatoes and egg, this Niçoise Salad was really quite good. Again, I advise diners that this salad is portioned quite generously so it should be ordered as a main or to be shared alongside another plate.


Finishing up the two salads, our menu tasting progressed on to two aesthetic headliners. Showcasing a marked culinary versatility, I was quite surprised at how authentic the Thai Fry Plate was. Plated beautifully on coconut basmati rice was an obviously Asian-influenced combination of Szechuan ground pork, long beans, crushed peanuts and garlic. Chef Thomas noted that this dish is something he could eat every day and that the seasoned tofu can be substituted in for vegetarians. Overall, this plate was delicious and something I would not expect to see on a lunch menu at a hotel restaurant. The flavours were tempered beautifully into a matrixed profile that will be very pleasing to any and all that enjoy good Southeast Asian cuisine. I found the coconut basmati rice to be fragrant and the perfect base for the ground pork and green beans. The crushed peanuts and garlic provided that additional textural facet that really rounded out the dish nicely.


For those that have read the MOSAIC #ArtofTaste write-up, you may remember that my favourite dish of the evening was the BC Ling Cod served with dashi broth. It will be no surprise then to find out that my favourite dish of this return visit was the Pan Seared Cod. Also an Ocean Wise friendly offering, this beautiful filet of Queen Charlotte Black Cod is served on a bed of charred tomato, warm spinach, potato salad and red Thai curry. I don’t think it needs to be said but Chef Thomas really is a genius when it comes to fish dishes. The filet was perfectly seared and crispy on the exterior but flaked off gorgeously on the inside. The spinach and potato salad is a hearty companion to the fish but it is the rich red Thai curry that really makes this seafood plate shine. Visually stunning and complex, this is the dish I would order for myself on my next lunch visit to MOSAIC.


Making up a large part of MOSAIC’s lunch menu is a classic sampling of well-known sandwiches. Although I was quite full at this point of the tasting, I was quite impressed by the Club House Sandwich served with garlic fries. For some reason, whenever I am on vacation, I just have to try my hotel’s club sandwich either via room service or the in-house restaurant. Made up of generous pieces of turkey, thick cut bacon, sliced tomato, swiss cheese, lettuce and mayo, this sandwich is very substantial. Picking up one half of the Club felt like picking up a moderately sized hamburger both in size and heft. The three slices of bread encase a lot of components that come together in a very filling experience. In terms of portioning, 1/2 of this club can easily satisfy a child while the entire sandwich should placate most adults.


The sixth and final dish of the tasting was a classic take on the Reuben Sandwich. Filled almost to bursting with house cured corned beef, apple cider sauerkraut, provolone cheese and chipotle aioli, this behemoth of a sandwich is served on marble rye bread with a side of garlic fries. If the photo above does not illustrate it clearly, this sandwich is massive. The amount of tender corned beef is spectacular and is significantly noticeable when taking your first bite. At the same price point as the Club House Sandwich, I actually enjoyed this selection more as I found the meat amazingly tender and moist. Although I will have to return to try the BLT and Angus Burger, this Reuben definitely has my vote for best sandwich for now.


That concludes part II of our spotlight series on the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Hyatt GM Michael Halloran and Executive Chef Thomas Heinrich for their generous invitation and repeated hospitality. As always, if you enjoyed the photos and article above, please swing by MOSAIC either for lunch or dinner and let us know what you think. I will be returning to the Hyatt later this month to spotlight the newly opened Grain Tasting Bar and then one final time at the end of April for an exclusive Chef’s Table with Chef Thomas. If you would like more information on the MOSAIC Bar & Grille or the Grain Tasting Bar, simply visit the Hyatt Vancouver website.

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