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Griffins Restaurant is located in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (900 West Georgia Street) and currently has an 18th Anniversary promotion running until the end of September. The promotion offers 50% off on all dinner menu items from 4:30pm – 6:00pm, daily. We arrived just before 6:00pm so we could take advantage of this amazing deal.

I believe that you can really judge a restaurant based on the bread they serve you. If the server plunks down a basket of hard-as-a-rock rolls, you know you’re in for some less than fresh dishes.  The bread at Griffins was amazing. Their focaccia bread was so soft and warm that we had to stop ourselves from eating too much and ruining our appetite for the rest of our meal.

Although I was the only one drinking that evening, it didn’t stop me from ordering their awesome POMEGRANATE MOJITO. It was $12, however I don’t remember if alcoholic drinks were 50% off as well. I know the coffee and tea we ordered after dinner was.

Our friends ordered the APPETIZER BUFFET, consisting of a good selection salads and cold seafood. The salads were quite well executed, however they could taste that the crab and shrimp had been previously frozen – although this was not entirely surprising.

Hubby had the SLOW ROASTED ALBERTA PRIME RIB (50% off 10oz $38 / 12oz $41) which came with classic jus, Yorkshire pudding, market vegetables and his choice of baked or garlic mashed potatoes. He was excited about the large portion of beef because he’s a huge carnivore. The Yorkshire pudding was a tad over-cooked, although still edible. His veggies and meat were all cooked to his liking.

I ordered the WILD BRITISH COLUMBIA SALMON (50% off $35)  which consisted of grilled asparagus, Yukon gold potatoes shrimp hash, and ginger tarragon butter sauce. Mmmmm, butter 😉 I enjoyed the pickled ginger garnish as its sourness cut the richness of the salmon and butter sauce quite nicely.

Griffins’ DESSERT BUFFET is included in the price of all dinner entrees. They offered a fantastic selection of cakes, pies, puddings, cream puffs, mousse and fruit. The chocolate mousse was my favourite, as it had a layer of creamy white chocolate on the bottom and rich dark chocolate on top – divine!

On a side note, I was perusing the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s website and came across their “Pet Room Service Menu“. I had never seen that before…how convenient for pet-owners!

Overall, our dining experience at the Griffins’ Restaurant was marvelous. Having 50% off our meals was a huge savings and I know we’ll be back before the end of September.

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