Sweet Revenge Patisserie Review

Sweet Revenge Patisserie is a unique little dessert house encompassing a Victorian-esque theme. It has a warm and very dimly lit interior – with red wallpaper and old oil lamps. The small room houses antique looking furniture, including floral patterned armchairs and dark wooden tables and chairs.

This desserts-only restaurant specializes in “good old-fashioned home-made desserts” – nothing mass produced, and no preservatives. They offer homemade cakes, pies and pastry just like the baker’s grandmother used to make. They bake with real butter (instead of margarine or shortening), organic flour and organic free-range eggs.

Located on Main Street, just down the road from the always tasty Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant, Sweet Revenge offers organic Salt Spring Roasting Company French press coffee, and a fantastic selection of tea. Dozens of loose leaf tea varieties are available, like South African Organic Roiboos, Hawaiian Colada, and Belgium Chocolate Revenge. And of course, each tea is served in an individual teapot, just like it was done so elegantly during the Edwardian era.

The photo on the left is their Chocolate Sampler ($15.55) – Only offered on Mondays to Wednesdays, it is a sample of their most popular chocolate treats: white chocolate cheesecake, chocolate gateau, Sweet Revenge and old-fashioned chocolate cake, with a choice of sauce and two side-orders of vanilla ice cream. Disappointingly, the old-fashioned chocolate cake was slightly dry and crumbly. However, the cheesecake was probably the best cake out of the foursome – light and airy and tasted very fresh. The vanilla icecream was fantastic – but you can’t go wrong with such a classic dessert.

Additionally, we ordered their Smooth Operator (single $9.35, double $18) cake because the server imposed a $12 minimum per person requirement (although all four of us ordered tea, so we weren’t that far off the amount). Also, we had just finished a huge dinner so none of us had any room to consume that much dessert.

The photo of this ‘smooth operator’ cake did not turn out since it was so dark inside the restaurant. However, the cake consisted of chocolate sponge layered with mascarpone cheese icing and fresh raspberries, topped with white chocolate shavings and drizzled with raspberry coulis. It was quite a large slice, and the dessert was expertly layered with creamy spongy goodness.

Overall, Sweet Revenge Patisserie is an intimate little dessert house, and it’s a decent place to meet friends over tea & cake. However, my favourite dessert place in Vancouver is still Sweet Obsession.

Have you been to Sweet Revenge? What do you think is the best dessert house in Vancouver?

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