French Made Baking

We had heard of French Made Baking through word-of-mouth and happened upon them at the Baker’s Market Vancouver this past Saturday:

French Made Baking is a French-from-France couple, David and Catherine, both passionate about food and even more passionate about sharing it with family, friends, strangers:

…anybody really as long as you have a sweet tooth and appreciate quality products. We believe that food is not just a basic necessity, it is also a pleasure and we intend to make people happy with our pastries, at least for a little while. We can spend hours perfecting recipes so our creations are a delight to your 5 senses: they look pretty, they smell nice, they melt in your mouth, they taste good and each one of them has a distinctive sound when you take the first bite…

French Made Baking offers authentic French pastries such as canelés, madeleines, brioches, and of course multiple flavours of Parisian macarons:

You can find French Made Baking at farmers’ markets and bake fairs around Vancouver, and every Saturday (except Nov. 19, replaced by Sunday, Nov. 20) until December 10 at Baker’s Market.

FYI: French Made Baking will be opening at shop at 81 Kingsway & Main in early December! In the mean time you can get a hold of them through email, phone, their official website, and social media:

French Made Baking
(604) 767-7480
[email protected]

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