Unique McDonald’s Menu Items In Hawaii

We got up extra early one morning during our trip to the Big Island to drive out to Honaunau to (attempt to) swim with the dolphins. Nothing was open at the crack of dawn for breakfast except for the 24-hour McDonald’s in Kealakekua. Eating McDonald’s in Hawaii when we could be eating Loco Moco or Hawaiian sweet bread? We’ve got to be crazy right? Hey, we were starving and everything else was closed…

Pretty decent cup o’ joe; they even claimed to serve Kona coffee.


Really tasty Egg McMuffins with softer and fresher English muffins than back home. Only one slight problem – they forgot the egg in Gary’s Sausage & Egg McMuffin. We mentioned the error, but they made us go through a second transaction to pay for another egg. It was only a dollar, but other McDonald’s would have just remedied the situation instead of making a fuss, considering it was their mistake! Come on McDick’s…

Ahh, the glorious McD’s hashbrown was so hot and crispy and again, far superior than McDonald’s hashbrowns back home. How come Canada can’t serve delicious fast food like its American neighbor?

Apple pies in Canada are “baked”, but this one was extra crunchy and straight out of the deep-frier! Speaking of pies, McDonald’s Hawaii serves limited-time pie flavors along with other unique-to-Hawaii menu items: Haupia Pie – Has the same outer crust and shape as McDonald’s classic apple pie, but this version contains haupia, a traditional Hawaiian creamy coconut pudding dessert. See photo here.

Taro Pie @ McDonald'svia flickr

Taro Pie – A spin-off of Sweet Taro Pie from McDonald’s China. Cubes of white taro in a light purple filling to more closely resemble Hawaiian poi.

saiminvia flickr

Saimin – Noodle soup dish unique to Hawaii that was inspired by Japanese udon, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit. Similar to ramen, the soup consists of soft wheat egg noodles served in hot dashi broth garnished with onions, kamaboko, cabbage, nori, etc.

Breakfast at McDonald's in Hawaii
via flickr

Local Breakfast Platter – Offered as a regular platter with a choice of either Spam or Portuguese Sausage served with steamed white rice and scrambled eggs. Or, you can go all out and order the “deluxe” platter with both meats, pictured above. You can even add-on some Pineapple – Fresh pineapple chunks are offered as a side-dish at the busier McDonald’s Hawaii locations.

You’ve got to give it up for McDonald’s because they’re always trying to introduce local dishes on their menus around the world – we enjoyed the McArabia in Dubai and Ebi Filet-O in Japan! What’s your favorite regional McDonald’s item?

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