Tim Hortons – A Canadian Cultural Icon

Founded in Ontario almost fifty years ago by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton, the first Tim Hortons restaurant offered only two products: Coffee n’ Donuts. To this day, the chain’s biggest drawing card remains its legendary Tim Hortons coffee, with their doughnuts and Timbits coming in a close second.

Tim Hortons is now considered a Canadian cultural icon and is known the world over. Since merging with Wendy’s, the company has expanded into the United States, and on a recent trip to New York, we even saw a Tim Hortons location near Times Square in NYC.

But the company has not only proliferated in the U.S., you can also find locations in the U.A.E. That’s right, Timmy’s can be found in the Middle Eastern emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Opened in September of this year, the Dubai Tim Hortons was mobbed by excited Canadian expats.

Even countries in Asia without Tim Hortons outlets are fond of the coffee shops’ offerings. Our friend in South Korea loves Tim Hortons cappuccinos so much that can requested that we ship her a can of the powdery goodness so that she can enjoy Timmy’s at home in Seoul.

You can find plenty of Tim Hortons locations here in Vancouver. Of course Tim Hortons is a chain, but not all locations are created equal. The location on the corner of West Broadway & Fir in Fairview is superb. Speedy Gonzales-fast cashiers and the space has high ceilings, ample seating and windows all around. Sure, their coffee is popular, but sometimes you just need a box of a dozen doughnuts!

Tim Hortons (Broadway @ Fir) on Urbanspoon

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