Legendary Noodle House Main Street Review

What first drove us to Legendary Noodle House was seeing the restaurant featured on Rachael Ray, and Bob Blumer’s Glutton For Punishment. I could swear I saw Legendary Noodle on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations as well? Perhaps not…

Legendary Noodle House has two locations in Vancouver – one on Main Street and the other on Denman.  (Their third location in Richmond closed down). The restaurant is famous for its award winning lamb shank noodle soup – a delicate yet warmly satisfying dish.

Jiao Zi #34 ($6.50) – “Grandma Mixed Fillings Dumplings” 12 pieces of steamed pork and chive potstickers with dipping sauce. You can order the dish pan fried, if you’d prefer. These dumplings had a good amount of filling, and tasted like they had just been handmade.

Tang Mian #11 (Small $6.89/ Large $7.89) – fresh made-to-order noodles (your choice of thin, thick, or flat) in soup, with sliced “beef bubble muscle”, chopped garlic, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, and cilantro. The great thing about this dish is that it didn’t taste like it was loaded with MSG. It actually tasted quite healthy. A light, clear broth, with a garlicy pungency that would knock a cold right out of your system. Beef slices were melt-in-your-mouth tender. The fresh hand-pulled noodles were slightly chewy, a tad starchy, and I enjoyed how their non-uniformity meant they definitely didn’t come from a box. Don’t allow your noodles to sit for too long in the broth, or their absorbent texture will soak up all the soup’s liquid.

This cash-only joint was dark and small, and had an old, really lived-in feel. A window into the kitchen showed cooks on display while they stretched dough into noodle strands. I assume young kids would adore watching the masters at work.

Overall, we’d recommend Legendary Noodle House on Main Street for excellent fresh hand-pulled noodles. They’re legendary 😉

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