Enjoy Cafe Review

Enjoy Cafe is located on the second level of the shopping complex on Westminster Highway in Richmond. It took over where E-Canteen used to be. We’re not sure if the business was sold or if E-Canteen was just renamed to Enjoy Cafe. Anyone know?

The room is bright and relatively spacious for a HK style cafe. We had a comfortable booth and there was ample space between tables so we didn’t feel like we were dining in the laps of the people beside us.

Hong Kong style cafes are great because they provide an extensive variety of menu items (from western dishes to Chinese eats) for very reasonable prices. However, the thing you need to know about HK style cafes (if you’ve never been to one before) is that if you order laksa or Singapore style noodles or even borscht, don’t expect them to be authentic. All the dishes have been “Hong Kong-ified” to a certain extent.

To accompany our sets, we ordered two Yeen-Yeungs – Half coffee and half Hong Kong style milk tea which is strong black tea with evaporated milk mixed into a gloriously creamy concoction. You add sugar to taste at the table.

Corned Beef & Egg Sandwich – Served with crispy fries and a generous portion of them. The beef’s surrounded by a thin omelet and served on beautifully soft and fluffy white bread with the crusts cut off. Whenever I eat sandwiches at HK style cafes, it feels like I’m back in the early 80s before they realized white bread’s the devil.

Hong Kong style borscht soup is an interesting interpretation of the classic Russian favourite. This one you’ll find at many HK style cafes and they’re always a very sweet, tomato based soup instead of the usual beetroot.

Steak Combo – Served with soup of the day and a hot or cold drink, this combo gives you a plethora of decisions to make: Choice of one meat ($7.95), two ($9.50), or three ($11.50), you can pick from proteins ranging from ox-tongue to burgers to lamb to sole. For starches your options are rice, spaghetti or French fries. You can even choose which type of sauce you’d prefer: onion, mushroom, gravy, black pepper, or garlic sauce. Gary opted for the rib eye steak with chicken wings, spaghetti and black pepper sauce. He appreciated the large portion of food and thought it was very tasty.

Generally, we don’t come to an HK style cafe for the service. However, our waitress was quite pleasant which was surprising. We were expecting a few grunts and then have our plates tossed at us. But that wasn’t the case at Enjoy Cafe. It also seemed quite clean for this type of establishment – another surprise. Additionally, the restaurant seemed a little more upscale, if that’s even possible. Also, I didn’t get the usual stares…like what is this gwai-lo/lo-fan (although I prefer the term ang-mo) doing here? Nope. Customers seemed to mind their own business. How civilized.

Overall, our experience at Enjoy Cafe was positive. Perhaps Enjoy Cafe was just having a “good day” and the stars were alining for them. We’ll have to return to see…

Have you been to Enjoy Cafe? What was your experience?

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