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Jethro’s Fine Grub Review

I was sooo excited to try Jethro’s Fine Grub because of its extensive pancakes and french toast options. Their menu really sounded amazing. Sadly, I was disappointed in every single way possible… Let’s start from the very beginning. Since yesterday was a holiday, I called Jethro’s to see what time they closed in case they […]

Carl’s Jr. Review (Marysville, WA)

No trip to Seattle (made so easily, thanks to our NEXUS passes) is fully complete without a stop at the Seattle Premium Outlets in Marysville. And when one gets hungry from all the shopping, what does one do? Eat at a Carl’s Jr. of course! Since we don’t have Carl’s Jr in Vancouver (or anywhere […]

In-N-Out Burger Review (Chandler, Arizona)

Why is In-N-Out so popular in Arizona? The reason is they keep their menu simple: No salads or fish or chicken products like other fast food joints, just burgers prepared to order, fries and beverages. In-N-Out is famous for its “Secret Menu”, unadvertised variations on its burgers that are based on customer preferences, such as […]

The Templeton Diner Review

Lately, it feels as though we’ve been on an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! We recently tried a couple decent diners: The Red Wagon diner in East Vancouver and Joe’s Grill on 4th Avenue. Prior to those restaurants, we dined at the epitome of a great dive – Evelyn’s Cafe and Grill. A while […]

5 Guys Burgers And Fries Review

Last weekend while we were meeting friends at Starbucks at the Village Park Royal in West Vancouver, we stumbled across 5 Guys Burgers And Fries. We had heard of the chain doing extremely well in the States and Canadian East Coast (they also have a location in South Surrey), so we decided to pop in […]

Moderne Burger in Kitsilano Review

There’s nothing better than a hearty burger and some greasy fries to cure that Sunday hangover. Am I right?! Well, for those in the search for the best burger in Vancouver, BC, don’t count out Moderne Burger in the heart of trendy Kitsilano. Moderne Burger Gets Busy Fast–Choose Your Time Wisely Moderne Burger is a […]

Hell’s Kitchen Review

This time around our lunch took place at Hell’s Kitchen–no, not Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen but the one located in Kitsilano in Vancouver. We went there with my brother and his wife and this place is known for its decent grub. However on this day, I have to say they definitely had an off day… […]

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