Tre Fantastico Review Victoria, BC

Caffe Fantastico started back in the early ’90s as a small coffee cart in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. Since then, the locally owned and operated company has grown to include four locations around the city: Quadra Village (its roastery and homebase) ~ Cook Street Village ~ Dockside Green (connected to Fol Epi – a bakery that we love!) ~ Tre Fantastico (at Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa).

We visited Tre Fantastico while we were staying at Parkside Victoria Resort & Spa as it’s the only food and beverage option on the property. We entered the cafe through the resort’s connecting door and noticed there were two sections to the establishment – a bistro on one side of the kitchen and a coffee shop on the other. Both sections were quite busy so we placed our order at the counter.

Tre Fantastico’s “tre” concept focuses on three types of beverages – coffee, beer, and wine – accompanied by a selection of baked goods and bistro inspired dishes. Salads, fresh pastas and charcuterie boards are regular offerings. On our visit, a flavorful Thai Chicken Curry ($6) was on the menu that day, accompanied by sliced fresh baguette. We enjoyed the curry, baked goods, and espresso, but found the service to be below average. Perhaps we caught them on a bad day and will have to return to Tre Fantastico for a second visit.


Tre Fantastico | 810 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC | www.caffefantastico.comTre Fantastico on Urbanspoon

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