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It’s Tuesday morning at The Elysian Room, a local hidden gem of a coffeehouse in Fairview, and we’re working here on our laptops (Macs, of course, since we are an Apple-only family). Tucked away on West 5th, this cafe is located just off Burrard, across from the BMW dealership and right next to Fifth Avenue Cinemas.

Elysian has a second shop in Fairview on West Broadway & Ash, although we have never been. We have, however, frequented this location on West 5th a number of occasions, so I thought it was high time I posted about this wonderful cafe.

The petite coffee shop’s interior decor is modern and understated, while its soothing and cozy atmosphere is enhanced by relaxing soft music. The room makes sufficient use of seating space with a banquette at the rear corner nook, comfy booths along the large window-wall, counter seating for two, and a few little tables at the front.

Elysian is all about excellence: The cafe serves sustainable origin coffee at standard prices for Vancouver’s quality-focused coffeehouses, and their baked goods and sandwiches will conquer comparable items you’ll find at similar establishments. Moreover, knowledgeable and courteous baristas know how to create the perfect cup of espresso.

I can honestly say that I have had the “best latte ever” at this coffee shop. I’m currently drinking a Non-Fat Latte ($4.25), so of course it’s not just the same as the rich ‘n’ creamy best-I-ever-had – but it’s still smooth, low acid, and doesn’t require any sweeter to balance out bitter and sour tastes of inferior beans sold elsewhere. Gary ordered a Soy Latte ($4.75) and was equally as satisfied with his beverage.

Supremely rich, velvety foam (with lovely latte art swirled in) served over consistently aromatic and full bodied espresso in lovely Elysian ceramic cups. If you are a coffee connoisseur in Vancouver, The Elysian Room should be at the top of your must-visit list. I feel selfish wishing to refrain from noting the following tidbit of information, but complimentary wireless internet is provided – I don’t want this place to get too busy!

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