Plaisir Sucre Macarons Review

We visit Plaisir Sucre quite often, and we’ve previously written a review about this wonderful little authentic French cafe & bakery (seen here). Since I’ve been on a Vancouver macaron quest recently (Thomas Haas, Kitchening With Carly here and here, and Thierry), I thought I should try some from our local French bakeries.

We first popped into La Petite France to try theirs, but the girl at the till said “oh you mean macaroons – the coconut cookies?”. I said no, macarons – with almond meringue and buttercream or ganache in the middle. She explained that she didn’t have any of those. So we headed across the street to Plaisir Sucre to see what Fabrice had to offer.

There were only eighteen macarons displayed behind the glass before we ordered ours. This could have been a good or a bad sign – either macarons are not big sellers at this patisserie, or they are, and they were all Plaisir Sucre had remaining. We decided to purchase one of each flavour: pistachio, lemon, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and raspberry, and a couple Americanos.

We thought Thierry’s macarons were the least expensive, but at $1.25 each, these are the cheapest macarons we’ve come across! Regarding their size, they weren’t as large as Thierry’s or even Thomas Haas’, but were approximately the same diameter as Kitchening With Carly’s. With fairly consistent “feet”, their centres held the the proper amount of filling.

Presented in a little box, resting on top of a white paper doily, the chocolate macaron had a very subtle cocoa flavour, but the coffee macaron’s coffee bean flavour was almost undetectable. Simple raspberry jam was sandwiched in the middle of the raspberry macaron, but I prefer the richness of a buttercream or ganache centre. The lemon macaron had a very fragrant citrus aroma, however it was very crunchy and seemed stale, or perhaps just over-baked. But the most dense out of the bunch was the vanilla flavour – it was really hard on the teeth, and most certainly old. My favourite out of the six available at Plaisir Sucre was the pistachio macaron. It was very soft, with just the right amount of buttercream in the middle and its almond meringue was perfectly sweet and creamy.

But alas, can anyone in Vancouver top Kitchening With Carly’s macarons?!

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